The November 18, 2009 Edition

It's Officially College Basketball Season

ESPN's 24 hour of college hoops, was a basketball junkie's dream. Unfortunately, only a few games in that block were worth the full viewing.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs at the Michigan State Spartans followed by nightcap for St. Louis with the Memphis Tigers vs.*the number one Kansas Jayhawks.

Both games were close but the underdogs were playing from opposite positions. The Bulldogs played from the lead position most of the game while the Tigers played catch up. Undermanned in both cases, these two teams showed why they are not "mid-majors" and are on the level of the most elite programs today.

On the opposite end of good games, the Tennessee Volunteers flexed some major muscle, destroyed UNC-Asheville 124-49.

No typo.


I would say it showed how bad Asheville is but I think it showed more of the potential Tennessee has. They were deadly in all facets of the game.

While the rest of the SEC has sucked, for the most part, in these early days of the season, the Vols are out the gates fast. They made their statement that Kentucky may not be the best team in the league after all.

The UConn women's basketball team went into Texas and rolled another ranked opponent in the Texas Longhorns. Another season, same result.

The story in women's basketball will be whether they lose a game. If I was betting I'd say no. I mean they have to lose at some point, don't they?

A Tough Day to Be a Football Coach

Dick Jauron was canned as coach of the Buffalo Bills. Could the blame for this disaster be placed at his feet? Hard to say.

The offensive coordinator was fired just prior to the first regular season game. That didn't help.

Terrell Owens, Lee Evans and Marshawn Lynch have not played up to their standards thus far. Throw in inconsistent quarterback play its no wonder this team has struggled.

But when you are head coach and bad things happen on your watch, it's much easier to chop off*your head than the heads of several others during the season.

Who might be next on the NFL chopping block?

My guess at this point would be Jim Zorn, Tom Cable, Eric Mangini should be up but may not ONLY because of his contract, and quite possibly Lovie Smith.

On the college scene, Kansas's Mark Mangino might be on the verge of being exposed for having his own Bobby Knight episode*by reportedly roughing up one of his own players.* The school is currently investigating the matter and if proven unfavorable for the coach, it could signal the end of his tenure in*Lawrence.

Charlie Weiss has had to deal with more questions about his job at Notre Dame and feels his job is safe for now.

The athletic director states that Weiss's job and the football program will be evaluated after the season. Considering Weiss's record is similar to previous coaches Bob Davies and Tyrone Willingham I don't see how he will be able to survive beyond this season.

Who Would Have Thought Tennis Could be So Fun?

I personally love to play tennis and I know it is a HUGE recreational sport here in my city of Atlanta. Apparently the rest of the nation feels the same way.

The United States Tennis Association put out results from a survey that stated over 30 million people took the court this year, a number that is up 12 percent from last year and up 25 percent from six years ago.*

While tennis is not on the level of say, football, basketball, baseball, MMA*and NASCAR it struggles to keep up with hockey and golf. Coverage is only strong for the grand slam events and not enough domestic events get widespread attention.

Are the professional tennis leagues dropping the ball by not capitalizing on this?

I would say so. The ATP and WTA need to get to it. Give me a call; I got some ideas to make this happen.

Speaking of MMA ; last but not least, UFC Champion Brock Lesnar has been down and out in recent months for what was believed to be mono. Recently it was reported he is suffering for a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract. He had surgery and was sent home yesterday to recover.

Prayers go out the former "Next Big Thing". Get well soon. The sport has missed you.

Finishing my final sip of coffee

Take Houston Rockets (-5) at Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota has looked like one of the two worst teams in the league and Houston has beaten the Wolves five straight. I don't see this matchup being any different.

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