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Discuss UFC 109: Battle for the Best Senior Citizen at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; UFC fighters, Randy Couture and Mark Coleman have both recently verbally agreed to fight one ...
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    Star UFC 109: Battle for the Best Senior Citizen

    UFC fighters, Randy Couture and Mark Coleman have both recently verbally agreed to fight one another at UFC 109.

    This event marks in my opinion something I have been wishing would happen for a long time two of the oldest saltiest dogs in the sport doing battle. Randy Couture a UFC fan favorite will no longer have the mma pundits questioning how long he can outrun time when he faces Coleman, because both men are in their forties.

    It would be incredible if the UFC announced a creation of a senior citizen belt, but of course this is simply a wish that will never be fullfilled.

    So lets break down this fight down, both men are top wrestlers who have competed in the highest level possible in the sport, and both men posses a not-so-technical striking game that is usually utilized mostly to put people away while they are on the ground.

    Also both men have been UFC champions, but here is where the similarities stop.

    Mark Coleman was a UFC tournament champion, meaning he had to fight multiple opponents in one night. Also Coleman was the first Pride champion as well, and one the PRIDE GP in 2000 meaning that he had to fight a semi-final and final match all on the same night.

    Couture made a good run as well in the UFC, where he won UFC 13 heavyweight tournament and would eventually claim the heavyweight title from Maurice Smith at UFC Japan. Maurice Smith was at the time the current heavyweight champion and had just won the belt from Coleman himself.

    Couture achievements continued as well when he beat Chuck Liddell for the light-heavyweight belt and then eventually later in his career won back his heavyweight title from Tim Sylvia.

    So on paper it may appear that Couture has had a better run as a competitor but I would not count out Coleman in this one. First it is important to look at the the quality of fighters each person has fought in their career.

    First thing is first Coleman fought and lost too Fedor Emilianenko twice, and has also lost to Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera. Couture has never fought Fedor but has lost to Noguira.

    Coleman has beaten Don Frye, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Gary Goodridge, Igor Volvchachyen, Kazuyuki Fujita, Dan Severen, and Alan Goes. All names that may not seem important now but where big back in the day.

    However, Coleman has lost too Pete Williams, Maurice Smith, Mirko Filopvic,Pedro Rizzo and his most embaressing loss came to the hands of Nobuhiko Takada.* All quality opponents at the time excluding the loss to Takada.

    Couture has beaten Maurice Smith, Vitor Belfort as well as lost to him, Pedro Rizzo, Chuck Liddell,Kevin Randleman, Tsyushi Khosaka and Jeremy Horn to name a few. All very notable fighters all very dominant at the time they were fighting.

    Couture has also lost to Enson Inoue,Valentijn Overeem, Chuck Liddell, Josh Barnett, Ricco Rodriguez, and Brock Lesnar.

    So overall it would appear that Couture has had much more impressive victories but the guys that he lost too where essentially about the same when considering the times he fought them.

    So on paper it would appear that Couture would have the advantage based on experience and quality of opponents. However, I love Coleman and can't see the guy losing this one he has hearts, guts, and a willingness to win.

    Sure Coleman told a reporter that he was a little scared to fight a guy like Brock Lesnar and Couture actually did fight Lesnar, but the guy fought Fedor twice, and he has some real character and fights for his family.

    The guys got hear and I'm rooting for Coleman.

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    Default Re: UFC 109: Battle for the Best Senior Citizen

    Stupid matchup.
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    Default Re: UFC 109: Battle for the Best Senior Citizen

    I think whichever one doesn't break his hip will win.
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