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Thread: King Mo Signs With Strikeforce

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    I think I agree with you Adolf, and I wonder how Lawal will do against better competition. Based on his matches with Andy Hrovat, I thought he froze up a little when the matches get difficult. Not sure if this perception is correct, but that's the idea I got.

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    I think you do agree with me arm-spin. One thing about me is I shoot straight, telling it like it is, even it it ruffles some feathers.

    Mo Lawall is a tremendous talent and I love his self confidence. There's a way to conduct one's self though and he's blowing it. The man has circled the world and seen many cultures. He's educated. he has a platform to brand himself and be known world wide. What does he do? He pretends to have no intelligence, (maybe he doesn't) and he tries to pimp himself to a very small market share, in the process alienating much of the rest. I know, I see the reaction to his antics on other boards. Boards with thousands of members. That and my own perception of his behavior. It disappoints me greatly. Anyone know what his major was in college?
    Lets go Brent!

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