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Thread: Can Tito Ortiz Make Forrest Run?

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    Star Can Tito Ortiz Make Forrest Run?

    Whew! I think looking Tito Ortiz directly in the eyes is a pretty scary experience. If I were an opponent in the octagon facing him before a fight, I fear I would wet myself in front of God and everybody. How his past opponents have stayed dry is beyond my imagination.

    It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in my easy chair watching the Ortiz Shamrock trilogy. Why that particular match-up held every one's attention for so long, I do not fully understand.

    There would be that intense, shiver inducing face off, the fight would begin, fists would flail, then "BOOM!" Ken would be down, pushed up against the cage or curled tightly in the fetal position with his hands protecting his bloodied face. Gosh, I don't remember if it ever even went to the end of Round One.

    As much as I was drawn to the "watch Tito kill Kenny" spectacle, to see which saying will be on his shirt, I also loved to watch him fight with absolutely anybody. In the "War of '04" which took place at UFC 50, I truly thought I would see Tito beaten by an as yet unknown Canadian fighter Patrick Cote. What an unexpectedly entertaining match up!

    Consequently, I am now looking expectantly forward to UFC 106 when Forrest Griffin, a fighter I have come to greatly dislike, will step in to replace Mark Coleman. To me this will be even better than a rematch with the Predator, which I would have loved to see due to my love for each fighter. They are both fresh from rehabbing from surgeries due to old injuries.

    Forrest was never a favorite of mine,*therefore I failed to be able to appreciate the fact that he was a favorite of my daughter-in-law's. Unlike her, I never saw him as being particularly well built or handsome. His quirky sense of humor sounded unusually smart-assed for that of a former officer of the law, even*from the state of Georgia.

    Since reading his book, hearing his excuse for the rapid departure from the cage*he made after his loss to Anderson Silva, and taking heat from a*friend of his in comments regarding an opinion piece I wrote, I have much less to respect him for than I initially thought.

    This has me drooling to see what his response to Tito's frosty stare will be when they exchange blows in the upcoming event. Suddenly this has become the fight of the year for me. Coleman, who Tito referred to as "the mummy" always appeared more stoic than Forrest, so I am fully expecting to see an abundance of tears flowing down Forrest's bloodied face after the match ends.

    Whether they are tears of joy or sorrow remains to be seen.

    Oh, just one more thing.

    War Tito!

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    Forrest comes back strong after an embarrassing loss, and sends Tito back to fighting over the hill has beens...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gjfovf View Post
    Forrest comes back strong after an embarrassing loss, and sends Tito back to fighting over the hill has beens...
    I hope. Forrest is one of my favorites.

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    I have Tito winning via eye socket crush.

    Forrest will not run away this time, he will be carried out.
    Lets go Brent!

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    Adolf!!! I have rarely disagreed with you, but TITO F***ING ORTIZ!?! I can't stand that arrogant somethin-or-other. Forrest's jokes are just that, jokes. Tito tries to make people hate him and he said so in his book. Tito loses a decision because he can't take Forrest down.

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    Ha Ha Ha Ha. I'm not picking Tito because he's a roll model, chooses women so well, or because he is so well spoken, rather I am expecting the HB Bad Boy to be able to impose his will. I have been wrong on occasion and perhaps this is one of those times.
    Lets go Brent!

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    tito seems way past his prime, Tito the champ would have stopped forrest, probably in the first round.

    forrest has better standup, but tito took him down pretty easily in the first round of their first fight and won that convincingly before fading away

    seems like the only guy he can gnp like he used to is shamrock.
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