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Discuss Tatsuya Kawajiri On His Fight On DREAM 11 at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; On his mental state: "My mental state right now? I want to eat some food. ...
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    Default Tatsuya Kawajiri On His Fight On DREAM 11

    On his mental state:
    "My mental state right now? I want to eat some food. I am starving (bitter smile). I really don't have much information on Melchor Barracuda but the opponent doesn't has nothing to do with it. It's all about how much I can impose my will. If I bring my best, I'm confident I can beat anyone. The opponent doesn't matter."

    On his previous comments about wanting a title match:
    "If I want to fight for the belt (at NYE) of course this fight now is a must-win. But I need to win and win convincingly and then go for the belt. There's no way I can drop this fight. I'm very fired up."

    On who he thinks will win, Hansen or Aoki:
    "I don't care either way."

    On his diet:
    I haven't had any white rice in about four weeks. I can't wait to chow down. I have been eating very small portions, like what a girl would eat, of 5-grain rice.

    On his weight cut:
    "Normally, I start cutting weight one week prior to the fight. But this time, I started four weeks prior. I wanted to see if that works out better for me. I want to win and then go have some good food."

    On the differences of his weight-cut routine this time:
    "I thought it would help me rid useless fat and would also decrease my power. But actually my power, stamina, and concentration is very good. I like this method better. All that's left is the fight. Before the weight-cut I was at 83kg, and now 3.5kg to go. From here, it's just water."

    On Melchor's comment that he's looking to KO Kawajiri:
    I'm only interested in striking, so I'm also looking for a KO. If we're both going for a KO, it should make for a good fight.

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    Default Re: Tatsuya Kawajiri On His Fight On DREAM 11

    Kawajiri is a warrior and is as tough as they come.
    I heart Jazzy B. White.

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