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Thread: TUF Heavyweights episode 2

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    Yeah that fight was pathetic. I don't see how that guy won the first round either. I think that if it did go to the third though the Brit would have won because the other guy couldn't even stand, but it should have went to 3rd round anyway. I don't see how the Brit supposedly had "world-class kickboxing". He looked like a fish out of water the whole fight, as did the other guy.

    Looking forward to Kimbo/Roy next week even though I already know the result (sigh).
    PM me the result, i wont be able to watch next week.
    Like Billy Jacks' soul attack, I'm one Injun you wont forget.

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    Yeah, Brock Lesnar is the 2nd coming of Diego Sanchez conditioning-wise. Good point. I've never seen a giant with truly elite conditioning.

    The Ballcoach is correct, of course.
    I heart Jazzy B. White.

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    Yea Lesnar is definitely the exception not the rule when it comes to big men and conditioning. I hear that Carwin has an excellent gas tank as well although he has not had a chance to show it in a fight yet.

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