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Future M-1 Co-Promotion Plans:

M-1 and Arum present: Pacquiao versus Mayweather Jr.
Vadim has been in the fighting business since 1997, automatically earning him to co-promote this boxing event. Vadim will take HUGE risks and invest M-1?s money to co-finance this profitably-shaky fighting match. Vadim has balls that?s for sure.

M-1 and Hasbro present: Transformers 3
Vadim is not new to the toy and movie industry. He is an avid fan of Hollywood movies and has played some toys when he was a child. Perfect combination in everybody?s eyes.

M-1 and NBA present: The NBA Finals 2010
Vadim has not played nor seen any basketball game but he is willing to gamble M-1?s resources to partner up with this unproven league called the NBA. Vadim is a risk taker that?s for sure.

M-1 and 19 Productions present: American Idol 2010
Vadim?s co-promotion with the singing reality tv show will finally showcase the singing prowess of M-1?s fighters. Finally fans will get to see and hear the beautiful voices of M-1?s famous fighters like Rasheed Abuda (I know, I can?t believe it also), Terence Williams (What?! He?s in this!) and Vladamir Rasputin (OMG, that?s too much).

M-1 and NASA present: Mars landing

Russians were the first to reach space, so this partnership is a no-brainer.