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Thread: Ishida to replace "Punk" Thomson

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    Default Ishida to replace "Punk" Thomson

    There had been much concern that Thomson's leg would not be fully healed for the Melendez rematch. We had been hoping for a possible Gomi or Horodecki vs Melendez match coming out of the fallout. However, the matchup with Ishida was a great choice. Ishida who is known for very overwhelming grappling, was the first of only 2 to defeat Melendez who is also a pressure grappler. Melendez gets to fight a very game oponent while still being able to avenge the loss. This works out great because Thomson gets the winner. Thomson had been asking for a fight with Ishida for a over a year now. This also leaves a great fight for the next card, featuring possibly, Oveream. This was a win win for Strikeforce as we will be treated for a chess match. We now need to know who is facing Werdum.

    The card now has:
    Carano vs Santos - Title fight
    Melendez vs Ishida - Interim Title fight
    Sobral vs Moussasi - Title fight
    Diaz vs Hieron - Title fight
    Werdum vs ? - Interim Title Fight?

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    Default Re: Ishida to replace "Punk" Thomson

    Not a great style match up for melendez. Interesting to see if he can make any adjustments from the first fight.

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