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Exactly correct on the Brock sells no matter who he fights. So with that in mind, what does the UFC need Fedor for? Brock is going to sell regardless. IMO, the only reason to get Fedor, is because Mr. Dana White

  • A. believes Brock will beat Fedor, (so do I)
  • B. Wants to give the fans what they truly want and
  • C. He loves MMA and wants to see the true champion emerge in the heavyweight division.
I can't see this as an all about make more money deal for the UFC, because they already have plenty of bigger draws that they can push. Of course they will profit from it, but that doesn't appear to be the main motivation to me.

Lets not forget that M-1 was co promoting those cards with Affliction and Fedor is a stakeholder in M1. I'd say Fedor deserves some of the blame.
If Dana believes that Brock can beat Fedor, then again its to his advantage to bring in and market Fedor because as long as he is still fighting, people will always doubt the UFC hwts like they do now, most arguments between real fans like us usually end up with, "how would so and so do against Fedor???"

I also think that some of it is merely danas ego and his desire to hopefully say "i fu*kin told you fu*kin so" to people should Fedor lose

Fedor may very well have some blame in the dealings I would agree, but unless either party changed their minds its always the same copromotional BS and the exclusive contract BS, its on both of them.