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Thread: Franklin vs. Hendo II at UFC 103

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    Quote Originally Posted by p-jersey View Post
    I made a post last night but for some reason it did go through. I do in fact drink a lot and had done so that night. Thecobra can also confirm that i was cackling while the wrestling went on so i think your onto something that i wasnt taking it serious. After seeing thecobra get tossed for five i probably wanted to give him a moral victory. I mean come on pjersey has yet to give up a point in any grappling competitions so of course alcohol, roofies, being taken by surprise, and him not trying can be the only explanation.
    I'm on your side based on what I hear, but if you don't want a rematch, that result has to stand.
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    Default Re: Franklin vs. Hendo II at UFC 103

    "Ain't gonna be no rematch"
    Lets go Brent!

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