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Thread: Frank Mir is delusional

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    Default Frank Mir is delusional

    This is from Meltzer's newsletter:

    It's not on the website, but today's Newsday has an article on Frank Mir. Mir said he's disappointed by how Lesnar acts
    bringing his wrestling tactics into MMA, while at the same time cutting a promo on Lesnar. "If I were a parent who was
    watching this for the first time, I wouldn't want by children to be involved in this. I almost didn't want to be involved in
    this." Yeah, because any responsible parent would otherwise want their children involved in this. Mir said he refuses to
    accept any apology from Lesnar because he believes that was his true nature. Mir said he doesn't like how Lesnar insults
    people, saying "I think he's an extraordinary insecure person who isn't very smart to begin with and he insulted all those
    people," and said Lesnar's fight strategy was "cowardly" and "one dimensional." He also said Lesnar was a big fat (yes)
    guy who doesn't have nearly the athleticism he possesses. I guess that means Lance Storm is buying the rematch if Mir
    doesn't get beaten in his next fight.
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    Default Re: Frank Mir is delusional

    Lets go Brent!

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    Lets go Brent!

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    Lets go Brent!

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    Lets go Brent!

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    Default Re: Frank Mir is delusional

    I'm pretty opposed to trash talking, but I still think it's funny that Mir apparently thinks children would be more scarred by listening to Lesnar speak for a couple of minutes than by watching men beat the crap out of each other for a couple of hours.

    Oh, and whatever happened to winning- or losing- gracefully?

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