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Discuss Why Is Dana White F@#%ing With Chuck? at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by clmetal What Bonnar comment? I don't need to give you comments Dana ...
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    Default Re: Why Is Dana White F@#%ing With Chuck?

    Quote Originally Posted by clmetal View Post
    What Bonnar comment?

    I don't need to give you comments Dana has made where he didn't follow through, right?
    Dana told Stephan that he would have a job with him (as would Forrest) after TUF 1. And despite several losses, including some very questionable ones, like to Mark Coleman, and a .500 record in the company, onnar still has a job at a high pay rate.

    ANd of course I will point out the difference between your comments, and the personal relationship comments to people who have helped him. There's a difference between saying "I'm going to try and restart Pride" and "I'm going to take care of you, my friend, because of what you have done for me." Chuck is his friend. You may hate Dana the businessman, but he has shown nothing to indicate that he's not a good friend.
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    Default Re: Why Is Dana White F@#%ing With Chuck?

    He told him he was giving him the same contract with a microphone on live TV, which he did. He hasn't cancelled that contract (which is good) but he's cancelled lots of other contracts.

    Lindlands was promised a title shot before 2 wins, and instead was shown the door).

    Every UFC fighter is happy when the UFC doesn't dump them for losing, something that happens to someone in every fight. I hate that they put that in there, if they want long contracts, they should take a risk too.
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