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Thread: Bisping Lindlanded by Hendo

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    I know that I am late to the party, I was in DC no access to a computer. I am loving all of the comments about Bisping getting brutally KTFO'd. I am very lucky to have married a woman that was just as psyched as I was to watch that smug POS get his comupance.
    "I thought Hendo had commited the first UFC murder last night. Brutal ending." AO
    perfectly said.
    "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become."

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    "I don?t give a f_ck about money, bro. Believe me when I tell you that." Dana White

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    I gotta say that i think the ref stopped this one a little early. I think bisping was getting ready to pull guard.

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    WAR Hendo.

    us Injuns(Hendo and I) try to stick it to the british every chance we get. thats what that 2nd hit was for.
    Like Billy Jacks' soul attack, I'm one Injun you wont forget.

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    Claudale: Bwahahahahahahahaahahha
    Lets go Brent!

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    Dangerous stuff there from Dan. He knew Bisping was iuncocnscious, but still hit him with a BRUTAL shot. He even admitted as much, right there in the cage. Still, nothing illegal as the fight hadn't been stopped, but definitely dangerous for Bisping's health to take an unprotected shot with the kind of power Danny Boy possesses.
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    He was about to pull guard, but then realized that was going to out wrestle the wrestler (comment he had made) so he thought that he should just eat a right hand snack.

    From what I know now, he actually had a concussion and was forced to stay awake the rest of the night. I know getting knocked out ussually messes with your mind, but does not usually give you a concussion-does it?

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    The good thing is that the Count knew exactly what he was getting into when he signed up for an MMA career. You get dropped and Hendo swan dives with a hay maker on your lifeless body, you are in fact likely to suffer injury. I have to admit I felt bad for the Brit. I'm glad Danny boy did it though.

    Yes Zag, knockouts cause concussions.
    Lets go Brent!

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