All I can say is what a card, exciting fights all night.

Dan Henderson was just waiting to land that overhand right and when he did it was lights out for Bisping, who I did not think looked comfortable. Henderson then sealed the deal and I dont feel bad, that is why you should not talk shit.

The Akiyama, Belcher fight was good and I thought Akiyama won the 2nd and 3rd round. Maybe I was wrong but I didnt think Belcher got robbed like Rogan did.

GSP dominated Alves and I did not expect that. I thought the 2nd was a 10-8 round and those were some nice take downs. I especially liked the double to a knee tap, that was textbook . And if that was the top contender in that weight class I agree with the fans on sight in saying he needs to fight the Spider.

Getting another lesson in why you dont talk shit was Mir. Has anyone seen such power from that position. Lesner laid the wood to Mir and there is no mistaking who won the fight. I have never seen arm punches, while the guy was laying down look so brutal and do so much damage. Mir is a dangerous man but it looked like Lesner learned his lesson, and then destroyed Mir.