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Thread: Brock Lesnar Needs to Take a Page Out of Frank Mir's Book

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    Star Brock Lesnar Needs to Take a Page Out of Frank Mir's Book

    One of the most anticipated re-matches in MMA history at one of the biggest MMA events in history will feature one of the best heavyweights in the world, Frank Mir, taking on the biggest rising star in the sport, Brock Lesnar.

    The irony of that is Lesnar has the Title while Frank has the interim belt. That's politics for you. But regardless of who has the "real title" or not, this will be a very explosive match. Mir brings to the table "improved" striking and world class BJJ. Lesnar on the other hand brings freakish strength and a long reach and amazing wrestling.

    Two men who represent the very best of their division—Lesnar with wrestling and Mir with BJJ. Oddly enough I do not think we will see either. This fight will be a stand up battle. That is, of course, if Mir makes good on his word and Lesnar has a brain in his head.

    The last time we saw Mir he executed one of the best battle plans I have ever seen against the heavy favorite Nogueira. In this fight Mir did exactly what needed to be done. He stayed on his feet and until he knew Nog was done he stayed there.

    Now this is the plan Lesnar needs to copy to the T. Yes Lesnar has superior wrestling and can take Mir down at will and when in there he can land big hits and control Mir for awhile. The fact still remains tho, all Mir needs is one mistake by Lesnar and it's all over.

    Although Lesnar has improved leaps and bounds since then with four fights he is still fresh and can get caught. On the feet, though, no matter how inexperienced he may seem, he still has good control, great reach, and Anvils for fists, and with this being five rounds Lesnar has a lot of time to land that big right.

    Mir seems to have a dilution that he now has world class striking. Mir's striking looked good in his last fight. Unfortunately the main reason for that is Nog made him look that way when he decided not to block anything. Now Mir is stating he hopes this stays a stand up fight. Is he serious?

    Sadly I think he is. Now Lesnar can be knocked out. I just don't think Mir can do that. With Lesnar's reach and power Mir will be hesitant despite what he says. Now all Lesnar needs to do is counter and wait for that one big shot that will eventually come.

    For absolutely no reason should Lesnar go to the ground with Mir. Lesnar needs to do exactly to Mir what Mir Did to NOG. Pick Mir apart and only go to the ground when he knows he's done. There is no way Mir can take Lesnar down for a submission. So as long as Lesnar wants it on the feet it will stay there.

    I hope for Mir's sake he was joking when he says he wants a stand up fight. If he is dead serious he may end up just like that, "Dead."

    It is all up to Lesnar whether or not he wins this. On the flip side though, Mir can always end the fight with one mistake

    So Lesnar better sit down and pop in UFC 92 on his DVD player and take notes because Saturday is right around the corner.

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    Default Re: Brock Lesnar Needs to Take a Page Out of Frank Mir's Book

    If it's a standup fight, I think it could be a bad ending to UFC 100 - a long standup fight between two tired ground guys.
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    Default Re: Brock Lesnar Needs to Take a Page Out of Frank Mir's Book

    No stand up fight and that was some beating Lesnar put on Mir.
    Lets go Brent!

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