When talking about top contenders in the UFC, look no further then Jon Fitch. Fitch has been one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC welterweight division since he first made it in the organization. He fought and defeated top contenders like Brock Larson, Thiago Alves, Chris Wilson and Diego Sanchez on his way to a title shot. Since July 19, 2003, Jon Fitch is 16-1, losing only to the most dominant welterweight today, Georges St-Pierre.

At UFC 100, Fitch will try to avenge the loss his teammate Josh Koscheck suffered at UFC 95 against Paulo Thiago.

Thiago is currently undefeated, sporting a professional MMA record of 11-0. He had his UFC debut at UFC 95 where he surprised alot of people finishing off Josh Koscheck in the first round. Paulo displayed some good striking skills in his fight with Koscheck, but will those come in handy against the iron chin of Jon Fitch?

Fitch recently received his Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu black belt, but his gameplan against Paulo Thiago should be no different then against every other fighter the he fought in the past, use his wrestling skills, take the fight to the ground and pound on Thiago until the referee steps in and stops the fight.

If Paulo Thiago wins this fight, he becomes the only man other then the champion Georges St-Pierre to beat Jon Fitch, and that, would make Paulo Thiago a top contender for the championship, but Fitch has said that he is also a very different fighter since the loss to St-Pierre and he would love to get another crack at the title.

The winner of this fight could very well get a shot at the title in the near future.

If Paulo can't stop Fitch's takedowns, he could be in a world of hurt at UFC 100, but if he can, maybe his striking will get him the win. Thiago should definitely expect a much tougher fight then against Koscheck, whatever happens, this fight will show us what Paulo Thiago is really made of.