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thanks for the info, no need to find out about the costs. I just wasnt sure if xtreme couture had a bjj coach on staff. Drysdale is awesome so thats great that he gets to work with him. xtreme couture seems a little different than most teams, a lot of guys that train there also have other gyms that they train at as well. Other places like aka, or att, or militechs seem like they do all the training at one location.

Greys boxing has gotten so much more technical over the last few fights. Now that he has good boxing he will be a threat to beat anyone as he is the best wrestler and can dictate where the fight goes. Miller is a tough dude as he took some hard shots flush.[/QUOTE

Gray said that he rocked Miller several times but he wasn't ready to be finished . Dangerous to the end . Some surprises ahead for Jim Millers opponents .
Miller is fighting Danzing next, does Danzig still train at coutures?