James Thompson, he was supposed to call me an hour ago. I just got off the phone with Renzo Gracie and he's a real d-ckhead. He won't train me for my fight because he says I'll be representing Ivan Salaverry and not him. Jerk. It's a lot cheaper for me to train in NYC than to fly out to Seattle etc...

Besides Ivan isn't free. It's like 2k to help me get ready for a fight.

Anyway, I'm looking into other gyms including Serra's. It's hard cuz MMA is illegal in NY still.

As for Kimbo being anyone's hero? Man you need some new heroes. Kimbo is a slime ball and I'm going to expose him for what he is. As for Dana: he doesn't really have anything to do with what happened at EliteXC so he's safe and a non issue. Unfortunately.

Kimbo on the other hand is a fight fixer and a cheat. He has no business in the UFC and Dana is a freaking MORON for bringing him in. James is going to expose that guy for what he is. We are just trying to word the questions in a way that does not incriminate James.

Seth even said it was a fix of sorts. He couldn't go to far though because he wanted to get paid. Brett Rogers called Kimbo a cheat and it's true; James WON that fight when Kimbo tapped out in the first round due to standing guillotine.

Kimbo, in the UFC, is a disgusting, revolting, discrediting idea designed to attract even more morons to the sport and slap all intelligent educated fans square in the face.

Roy Nelson? He's a HW champ with 40 fights, what the hell is he doing in TUF? Where is James Thompson? Seriously something is truly screwed up here and the interview I publish will have effects far greater than those seen here on the B/R. This is gonna rock the MMA world and Dana won't be able to avoid the generated controversy.

You have any question you want asked?

-Marco Yanitelli "The Italian Scallion"