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Arlovski is damaged goods. We could excuse the first KO against Sylvia as he got caught. The Fedor loss was very suspicious, (in terms of wondering WTF happened) but it's Fedor. This last KO defeat just leaves no excuse or other option on which to judge the pit bull.

The fact is that he isn't a pit bull, he's a Chihuahua. He can't take a shot from a big man and he's fighting in the big man division. The bottom line is you cannot with good faith, pick him to win any fights where punching is involved. I've always liked him and I think he is a tremendous athlete, but he simply cannot take a big shot, (hell a medium shot).

I wash my hands of Andrei and wish for him the best. He provided many entertaining moments, but he has no place in the UFC.
Except he can drop people too - he dropped Tim right away in the 1st two fights, dropped Paul B, . . . But I agree, he always stands with people and anyone with decent standup can take him out if they connect.

I would have to think most other Hwts would have survived that punch from Fedor, was largely defensive.