World Championship Fighting 7 will be taking place on Saturday June 27, 7:30 p.m. at Aleppo Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, Mass.

Expected to attend are UFC veterans Kenny Florian, Joe Lauzon, Dan Lauzon, Jorge Rivera, Sean Gannon, Marcus Davis, and WEC Star Mike Campbell.

MMAMadness had the opportunity to catch up with 27-year-old Woody Weatherby (7-2) who will be fighting Dan Keefe (4-3) in a middleweight bout on the under card.

Tim Vreeland: So how did you get started in MMA?
Woody Weatherby: I was in the Navy from 2000-2004 and deployed during the invasion of Baghdad. I always enjoyed fighting my whole life and did some amateur boxing in the Navy. I got interested in BJJ once I got out and this led to MMA. I was like wow when I first got involved in the sport, coming from boxing it was a totally different challenge.

TV: What are your goals in the sport?
WW: I actually didn’t start watching UFC until I was involved in the sport. I knew about it but didn’t really get into it until I started training. As far as goals I consider myself a professional fighter and I want to see how far my talents will take me. I tried out for The Ultimate Fighter twice in the past. I made it to the preliminaries at 205 but I got cut because they said I was too small. Then I made the final cut for 185 but I think they decided to do just a heavyweight show.

TV: So will you keep trying to get in the UFC?
WW: Absolutely, if my talents and abilities take me there that’s where I want to be.

TV: Where do you prefer to be in a fight?
WW: I like to stand and bang, but I won’t play rock-em sock-em robots; if I can take the fight to the ground then I will. I am aggressive with my submissions, have good ground and pound and like to keep myself well rounded.

TV: Where do you train out of currently?
WW: My home gym is Renzo Gracie NH, but I try to soak up as much as possible. So I cross train when I can to absorb different techniques and styles. I try to go to Sit Yod Tong Muay Thai to train in kick boxing when I can. I am always trying to grow in the sport.

TV: Any thoughts on opponent Dan Keefe?
WW: Yeah I know him. We’ve trained together in the past. Dan’s a tough guy with great wrestling. We aren’t best friends or anything, but he’s a good acquaintance and I respect him. We will fight and probably have a laugh about it down the road.

TV: Well thank you for your time Woody and good luck on the 27th.
WW: Thanks we will be putting on a good fight so check it out.

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