After seeing the match between Clay Guida and Diego Sanchez last night, my first thought was that regardless of the outcome of the future UFC 101 meeting of BJ Penn and Ken Florian, I want to see the Carpenter and the Prodigy in the cage together!

Sure, you can argue that by winning the fight last night, the Nightmare deserves to get the winner of the UFC 101 fight, but since I am not a fortune teller and do not know who will win that fight, I am just expressing a selfish Grandma-is-not-getting-any- younger-or-healthier wish for the two UFC fighters I would most enjoy seeing in a fight.

Diego Sanchez is my grandson's and youngest son's favorite, so both of them will give me a lot of grief for expressing my fondest desire in front of God and anyone who may be reading this, but I really don't care.

There is always a chance that there are other odd fight fans who would also enjoy this particular pairing.

If it was a way to make more money, I am sure Joe Silva, Dana White, and even the Fertitta brothers would want to know. Right?

So even though it might be taking things out of the usual order, I want to jump the gun and let everyone know that, in my opinion at least, it would be a hell of an interesting fight.

Ken Florian may end up doing the impossible and dethroning Mr. Penn. Although I am sure not many will agree that this is a possibility, I claim the MMA truth that anything is possible in the octagon, so I have as much chance as being right as the pundits have of being wrong.

Interesting matchups are the biggest draw; how many who watch the UFC really want to watch only predictable contests?

The excitement of seeing the unimaginable happen is magnetic, it attracts like nothing else will.

Diego may be a great technical fighter and have an edge now because he has gone down a weight class, but Clay Guida is the energizer going on pure heart and adrenaline. He is the most unpredictable and determined 155 pound fighter I have ever seen. I want him to fight the best.

Whether my suggestion developes into the event I would most enjoy seeing or not, I have at least put the option out there where, at times, strange dreams do come true.

Now I simply need to stick around long enough to see if the seed I have planted will reach fruition.