What a dilemma...where to start?

Not often have I watched a TUF Finale that left me stunned to speechlessness.

That was, until tonight.

Unlike many of the hyped up UFC PPV events that I have paid to watch and ended up completely disappointed, this TUF delivered and then some!

It was like the Forth of July had come early, but the explosions produced showers of blood and not sparkling sprays of fireworks.

Surely the officials in Cologne Germany would be appalled by the bloodbath.

Good segue; I will start with the Sanchez-Guida fight.

The name Guida must translate to "an awesome heart" in some language. What a tremendous amount of heart Clay has. No one should ever count him out during a fight.

How many times would an ordinary mma fighter have crumbled?

He has a hell of a chin, as the victor of the fight Diego "the Nightmare" Sanchez readily testified afterwards.

Seeing the kick to the head that probably would have knocked a mortal man out, merely phased the Carpenter and sent him into his "dangerous" mode.

Watching how many times Clay came back from Diego's powerful strikes, kicks and submission attempts numbed me with amazement and disbelief. I want the name of his breakfast cereal!

In fact, after watching his unbelievable performance, I could believe he eats hammers and nails for breakfast.

The way he figuratively nailed Sanchez to the mat and hammered him with almost every body part he has was incredible.

Sanchez must actually posess a spiritual guide who protected him from drowning in Guida's gushing blood or being the first victim of a front naked hair down the throat choke, a new Clay Guida special.

Whew. Grandma was expecting a well deserved draw rather than a split decision.

So very, very close, and even at the end, Guida kept on bouncing. What I wouldn't give for a tenth of his energy!

And let's not forget the fight between Daddy Joe Stevenson and Nate (the punk) Diaz.

I do love Nate Diaz and think he is less abrassive than brother Nick, whom I also love as a fighter, but definitely not for his hand signing ability.

Daddy Joe took a note from Clay Guida's energy-unleashed style and was all over Nate like the soda Trevor spills on my son Steven's bed (oops, another Willis family secret exposed!).

Joe looked so far superior to his last two performances that I only wish he had been with Greg Jackson before his fight with BJ Penn during which he was almost scalped.

Joe gave a tremendous performance and I marveled when he kept much taller and lankier Nick in a crucifix for what seemed to be a very long time.

He defeated so many of Diaz's submission attempts that other fighters have fallen prey to in past fights, that I hope my grandson was taking notes. Everyone who knows the submissions that Nick uses would have to marvel that Joe could escape so many times.

It was a wonderful Father's Day present for one of my very favorite father figures and one that was very well deserved.

The winners of the TUF 9 Finale contracts were Ross Pearson and James Wilkes. Congratulations and best wishes for exciting futures to both men.

Michael Bisping was beaming with pride and admiration of the two UK members of his team who gutted it out all the way to a $100,000.00 contracts with the UFC.

I would go into a description of their fights except that I have used up all my superlatives on the two other outstanding fights, and as at the end of the show, am once again at a loss for word.

Can you imagine that?!