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Thread: World Championship Fighting: The Best of the Northeast

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    Star World Championship Fighting: The Best of the Northeast

    World Championship fighting is unique. It offers so much to the fans and the world of MMA, yet not everyone has had an opportunity to see the type of fights WCF President Joe Cavallaro has put on for locals in the Northeast.

    Every event the WCF has put on in it's short conception has been met with great media attention and phenomenal fan input and it still has yet to peak.

    The WCF has been the home to many fighters that have moved on to the big stage. Jon "Bones" Jones, the unorthodox striker in the UFC who put on a great showing in his last bout against UFC mini-legend Stephan Bonnar, came from the WCF. Mike Campbell, a young, hungry, physical specimen from the Sityodtong camp, came from the WCF. John Franchi, an up-and-coming monster who just fought Manny Gamburyan in his WEC debut, came from the WCF.

    Do you see the trend?

    There are many other notable fighters whom I have failed to mention; maybe one of the most notable is Joe Lauzon's brother, Dan Lauzon, the youngest fighter to ever fight in the UFC. Lauzon has fought multiple times with the WCF already, and is ever-improving to take that step to be thrust into the limelight once again. Then again, without even noticing it, these fighters are already making something out of nothing.

    The WCF, a young upstart company, is already being noticed by the likes of ESPN, HDNet Fights, and many others.

    The future is bright, not only for the WCF, but it's fighters, as well. You might not know the John Benoit's, or the Calvin Kattar's, or even the Dan Bonnell's, but you soon will and when you do, get ready for a pleasant surprise.

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    Default Re: World Championship Fighting: The Best of the Northeast

    Watch for Ricardo Romero, ROC champ. He was an excellent college wrestler for Rutgers and now an excellent muay tai and bjj student. He is unbeaten, minus a dq where he knock his oponent down, and then inadvertantly kneed him while his knee was down.
    Ring of Combat has lots of talent.

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