Can you imagine my disappointment that one of the concepts that my grandson and I entered in the contest won.

But it turned out not to be ours?

Why would I ever think that the two of us could come up with a concept that no one else could?

We drew several attempts of turning Georges' initials into a Fleur Des Lis. Our attempts were done totally free handed and I admitted that the idea begged for a graphics designer's finishing touches to be worthy of Georges.

Well a young Canadian college student took the concept the final step and did win the contest with the design which is unfortunately cropped off somewhat in the above picture.

When the ten finalists were displayed, I was so excited to see "our" concept among them. I could just picture the earrings, pendants, tie tacks, etc. that would result from the beautiful design!

Wow, did our hearts race until the winner was announced earlier this month.

Saying that Cody, the whole Willis family and I were disappointed to learn that we had not submitted the winning logo was devastating news, would be down playing it!

As hard as the whole family had tried and the fact that we came up with twenty or more ideas, which were all submitted, is just a small part of the dilemma.

The prize was a trip to UFC 100 which is on my husband's sixty-eighth birthday, July 11. Now wouldn't that have been a fine way to celebrate? Las Vegas, the fight and then meeting Georges himself at his after-party?

And all of my friends, readers and fellow writers have wondered why they haven't heard anything from me during the interim of the announcement of the logo winner and UFC 99, when I finally crawled out of the Pity Pit that is my bedroom and had the urge to blog again.

Now you know! How pathetic I am to take something like this so hard. Even worse news is that I seem to have somehow offended Shari Spencer.

Could that be because my husband's submission of a logo was an outline of a
Canadian Goose with the initials GSP on its underbelly? I certainly hope not.

For my husband to suddenly become a fan of MMA after seeing the fight between GSP and BJ Penn was one of the biggest thrills of my life. When I requested that he come up with a GSP logo for the contest, I truly anticipated a picture of Jimmy Johnson's NASCAR with Georges initials or "RUSH" added on it somewhere.

The fact that two Canadian geese flew over us one afternoon and inspired him was really refreshing to me and I do not see how anyone, outside of the New York Airport Authorities, possibly being upset by it.

But, as my readers so often point out to me, Shari is not really my friend. I do not really know anything significant about her and she is simply someone kind who once did me a favor.

It is true that I have not been writing any Georges articles, though when he is training as intently as he is for the Thiago Alves fight, what is there to say?

No news is good news in this case, at least in my humble opinion. News of an accident or training injury would be catastrophic just now.

Instead of writing, I have been fervently praying for the protection and well being of Georges, his family, Shari, and the many loyal supporters who train, condition and protect him.

In my mind, that is what a real grandmother does best.

"Good luck and be well, Georges!"

Grandma Dee will survive this too.

**Congratulations to Raymond De Ramos the college student from Ontario who entered the winning design.