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    Star Will Dana White Wreck WEC?

    Just when I discovered how much I enjoy watching the lightweight divisions featured in the WEC events, I discovered an article from last year about Dana White, saying that (in the year 2009) he would bring the Pay Per Views to WEC events.


    That is very bad news for yours truly who loves the fact that WEC 41 was one of the most superior displays of MMA fighting I have ever witnessed on TV for FREE!

    Perhaps with his plans to take the UFC to a Global audience Dana has forgotten all about this matter.


    If it involves wringing a few more bucks out of loyal MMA fans, Dana won't likely overlook it.


    Well, to tell you the truth, I was thinking that he promised to sign Gina Carrano up to fight on the WEC cards about the same time he talked about the reasonable amounts at which the PPVs would be priced.

    Somewhere between $29.95 and $39.99, I think. The word "cheap" being somewhat relative to who is charging and who is paying the price, at least in my opinion.

    The fact that offering the WEC events free on Versus could actually attract a bigger audience and help bring the sport farther into "the mainstream," that Dana is always talking about, probably doesn't matter as much as the bucks it could bring to the Zuffa coffers.

    Yet, an interesting situation is arising in the realm of WEC.

    An article recently written pointed out the abysmal pay that the WEC fighters receive for their efforts in relation to their somewhat better paid UFC brethren.

    The California Kid, Uriah Faber, has been talking up the necessity of having a union for the fighters.

    Whew! Shades of Randy Couture!

    Dana just has one can of worms after another regarding how the UFC is thriving, but not the UFC fighters.

    Can you say benefits?

    I certainly can, but I doubt that it is a word that Dana is very familiar with in his favored four letter word vocabulary.

    Up until discovering the old article, I had been relishing the fact that Dana White was not at the forefront of the WEC events and I didn't have to hear his offensive rhetoric while watching those shows.

    With UFC events, it is impossible to ignore his ever present superego and shiny, bald head at ringside, backstage, v-blogging as well as actually inside the octagon after Championship fights.

    Oh dear.

    I think I can hear the Dana White fans gnashing their teeth and moaning about how Grandma Dee is so mean and unfair with their hero!

    If he leaves the WEC shows as they are, free on Versus, I would be willing to cut him a little slack.

    Go ahead, pass it on...

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    Default Re: Will Dana White Wreck WEC?

    I don't think it will do well in terms of PPVs and I could see them switching right back. Even if the WEC loses money, I think the UFC would want them around just as another organization to compete with other orgs.

    I think the Dana - Tito fight would have been $10 - wonder who would have paid to see that (something that would not have been live I'm sure and with headpads)
    "I don?t give a f_ck about money, bro. Believe me when I tell you that." Dana White

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