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Thread: Mirko Cro Cop May Still Be with the UFC

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    Star Mirko Cro Cop May Still Be with the UFC

    Mirko Cro Cop, after beating Mustapha Al Turk, was rumored to have already signed for three fights with Dream.

    The only time the UFC has ever signed a fighter to a one-fight contract ended up looking like a big burn for Dana White and company.

    Apparently in an article from the Croatian news source, Mirko Cro Cop claims he has not signed with any organization yet. Cro Cop is upset that Dana White listened to the rumors as opposed to coming to him directly.

    For what it's worth, this may not be the last we have seen from Cro Cop in the UFC.

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    Default Re: Mirko Cro Cop May Still Be with the UFC

    MMAweekly also said he blew off the post fight press conference - I imagine Dana has a pretty reliable source to rip into him like that.

    Also, if he was handpicking his opponents, the UFC doesn't need that. I figured that was all their (management) idea
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