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Thread: Fights Over?

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    Time Zones? Earlier today.

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    The fights are over. You had the option to order them at 1pm and watch them live. They will be aired tonight at normal time 10pm est.

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    Thank You. I dont mean to sound ignorant, but i thought they might try and hide the results a little harder so they can make money on PPV. Next fight across the water I'm going to (BWW) buffalo wild wings or any local pub and make bets to make some money. Sounds like a great plan!
    Thank You Internet!
    (by the way there's no spoilers across the water when the fights our in our time zones). That I have seen. Maybe I'm a little behind in the times.

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    Yea I have to force myself not to check any websites when the fights are in europe. For ufc 70 i accidentally went to sherdog and saw the headline that cro cop lost to gonzaga.

    If you can avoid the mma websites the day of the fight you should be fine as it wont be covered anywhere else.

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    Anyway Hello To Everybody & You P-Jersey.
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    Excellent. I am stilly pretty new to colorado, just moved out here in october.

    I wrestled my whole life and now am training at nate marquardts gym in aurora. I am looking to get more involved with the wrestling community out here so maybe you can offer some insight.

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    Colorado is out of sight for WEC from what i see on VS. Love That Cerrone. Grew up just like him. Good luck in Colorado. I now have lived in Chicago for the past 17 years. Many programs here if you visit.

    Nice to talk to you P-Jersey. Also, to all the Coloradoans out there. Hello.
    P-Jersey stay in touch!

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    Thats funny as I moved from chicago to colorado.

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