The first fight is Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy. This has been a great fight so far and we are now going to the third round.

Dan Hardy wins by split decision. All three judges scored the fight 29-28. Davis had a few takedowns but Hardy was able to land a vicious knee and elbow to Davis in the match. The elbow and knee rocked Davis and Davis was a bloody mess after the elbow to his nose in the third round.

Davis seemed to be in position in the first round to win the fight after taking Hardy down and landing some good punches from the top.

Hardy tried to console Davis after UFC announcer Bruce Buffer announced the decision but Davis just waved him off. Hardy told Joe Rogan after the fight that he is not here to make friends but to find opponents.

The next fight is Caol Uno vs. Spencer Fisher. Uno is coming into the cage now and UFC middleweight contender Yushin Okami is in his corner.

This fight is not as exciting as the first fight on the pay-per-view. We are now in the second round and the crowd in Germany is booing.

Matt Pena, Fisher's coach, told Fisher not to pay attention to the crowd in between the first and second round.

I would give the first round to Fisher and the second round to Uno. Uno had some takedowns in the second round.

This fight will probably go to a decision. Fisher has shown good takedown defense throughtout the whole fight.

Uno is spending the whole fight trying to get a takedown while Fisher is trying to keep the fight standing up.

The third round was dominated by Uno. He took Fisher down and worked his ground and pound. He might have had a chance to finish the fight if not for the bell ringing to end the third round.

Uno should win this fight as I had him winning the last two rounds.

Wow, Fisher wins by unanimous decision! Are you kidding me?

Rogan did not even interview Fisher after the fight. Uno should have stayed in Japan instead of having to deal with such bad judging. This was just a terrible, terrible decision by all three judges.

Mike Swick vs. Ben Saunders is next.

Not much action at all in the first round. The highlight of the round was Swick asking Saunders if he was going to hold him all night and Saunders replied by saying "Stand it up, bitch."

Swick wins by TKO in the second round. Swick was just too fast on the feet.

Swick thanks his mom and his wife after the fight. He said he wants to fight all the top fighters such as Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves, and GSP.

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Mostapha Al-Turk is up next!

Al-Turk has a four inch reach advantage over Cro Cop.

Al-Turk came out aggressively but missed on a lot of his punches. Cro Cop was waiting to counter and delivered some punches himself. Al-Turk got poked in the eye and started to cover up and Cro Cop took advantage of this and rained down a few more punches before the ref stopped it.

I did not see the eye poke either so I can't blame the ref for not seeing it.

Cheick Kongo vs. Cain Velasquez is next.

Kongo just walked into the cage. He looks huge, mean, and scary looking. I would not want to fight him.

Velasquez is supposed to be a future superstar. This is the fight that I have been waiting for.

Mike Swick is in the corner of Velasquez. Velasquez recently became a proud father of a baby girl. I read in Fight! Magazine that he enjoys watching The Food Network and Dancing With The Stars with his girlfriend. He also enjoys Mexican music.

Velasquez just dominated Kongo in round one. This could be a 10-8 round for Velasquez.