Floyd Mayweather ? ?Machida? Machida ain?t nobody.?

Doing the publicity rounds for his upcoming fight against Mexican counter puncher Juan Manuel Marquez, ?Pretty Boy? Floyd ?Money? Mayweather, 35, recently sat down with Mike DeLahunt to answer some questions readers of our site have been submitting over the past week. Mayweather, never at a loss for words had some rather interesting things to say in regards to what many, but of course not he, feels is his direct combat sports competition, the UFC.

?Man, who in the UFC as good as Floyd Mayweather? Look back to 2-3 years ago, when this all started. One of the stars in the sport, Chuck Liddell, has gone 3-4. The man has been Knocked out so many time his boss made him retire. How many times you seen Floyd Mayweather knocked out? How many times you seen Floyd Mayweather even knocked down? None.?

When pressed about recent UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Lyoto ?The Dragon? Machida
being compared to names such as Pernell Whitaker and even Floyd himself, in being MMA?s
most elusive fighter, Floyd had this to say:

?Who? Who?s Lyoto Machida? Lyoto Machida? Oh you mean that guy who sold 200,000 PPVs now he?s a superstar? It doesn?t take much over there does it? I?ve sold 3.5 million PPVs between my last 2 fights alone. How much money did Machida make his last fight? $100,000 maybe? Tell Dana White, for $100,000, I will come show him what a 28 million dollar check looks like.

How is Machida as good as Floyd Mayweather? Because he?s beaten a few unskilled bar room fighters? At the end of the day, you already know, when you watch Floyd Mayweather you see the past, present and future of the sport. Machida don?t deserve to be mentioned in he same breath as me. Kousta Tszyu would whip up on his stank ass anyway.?

Our interviewer then divulged into one of the most repeated questions the fans wanted to
heard be asked, and that question being what are his opinions on Fedor ?The Last Russian
Emperor? Emelianenko?

?Again, who? Oh, you mean that Russian guy Oscar let fight for him? The guy who fought Freddie Roach?s boy? Yeah, I know him. He?s a nice guy, but man was Roach?s boy whippin? up on him until he got that hail Mary overhand. He needs to get at a real boxing coach like Roger Mayweather to teach him how to throw a punch. The man had his head down and his eyes closed when he threw that punch, anyone who says that wasn?t luck doesn?t know much about the sweet science??

When asked about Sean Sherk, Floyd was pretty frank about his thoughts on MMA:

?Man, I am here to talk about Floyd Mayweather, the face of boxing. The cash king. The pound for pound greatest fighter who ever lived. I got Marquez, the man who SHOULD be the pound for pound king. I mean really, he beat Pacman both times. You know it, I know it, the fans know it. They keep asking me why I ain?t come back to fight Pacman? Because in my eyes Manny wasn?t number one pound for pound when I was gone. The guy who beat him twice was. In my eyes, I am coming back to fight the number one pound for pound guy. Once I whip his ass and reclaim my throne, I?m going to show you all that little midget from the Phillipines will be nothing but an after thought when Money May gets a hold of that ass.?