The Unified rules have remained fairly standard for the past ten years or so. I think that they still need a few minor tweaks and have three particular rules that if implemented could make the sport more interesting.

Knees on the ground

This has numerous advantages and is a subtle yet far reaching change.

On the ground side control and north south become much more dangerous positions to find yourself in if your on the bottom and the guy on top can drop knees to your head.

Also in transitioning from ground to standing, knees can be a fight finisher if your not careful. This would help the flow of the fight as well in my opinion allowing less ref intervention during the fight as it flows from standing to ground and back again.

If I had to compromise substituting knees on the ground for elbows and then only allow elbows while standing, this would be acceptable but, I personally prefer both.

Either way the idea is one that helps to expand the fullness of the MMA fight.

Heel kicks from the guard

This was made illegal because of strikes to the kidney with the heel of the foot as made famous by Royce Gracie in the early days of UFC.

My logic is this: you can nail an opponent with a kick standing that could hit the kidneys if the range is right and the kick wraps around a bit. You can knee the body on the ground. The power generated from either of the above strikes is far more significant than that of a heel kick from guard.

So why bother then? Well it can be effective and at the very least annoying and uncomfortable. Now I do understand the concern of strikes to the spine but I believe that this would be minuscule at best.

The Yellow Card

How many boring fights have we all been forced to watch and sometimes when it's a big fight. Made famous in PRIDE the concept is simple after a period of inactivity say 30 seconds to a minute, you give a warning.

Next time you issue the yellow card taking some of the fighters purse. Maybe 5-10% of their pay. That usually forces the fight, if not issue another with a further monetary deduction and then take 1 point from the round. Maximum of 1 card per round if it ever came to that but I don't think it would.

Sounds harsh but likely someone goes out swinging as opposed to dancing or doing absolutely nothing.

Well in conclusion maybe they all would work maybe not but the yellow card and knees on the ground have worked well in PRIDE and as a side note a friend had a weird one but I decided to throw it in here for speculation.

Give the champion the choice between defending his belt in a cage or a ring.Interesting idea.

Thanks for reading.