He may quiet and may be humble, but there is no doubt that Lyoto Machida is one bad man as he put on a dominating performance Saturday night in Las Vegas in knocking out Rashad Evans in the second round to win the UFC Light Heavyweight championship.

A huge crowd favorite, Machida was simply overwhelming in every aspect of the game. Evans couldn't get past Machida's defense, leaving the karate master to land with leg kicks which eventually led to strikes.

The end came when Machida landed a straight left in the last few minutes of the 2nd round that led to an all-out assault. As Evans was up against the cage, Machida connected on a left hook that dropped Evans in a no-doubt knockout, good for Knockout of the Night and an additional $60k. Official time was 3:57 of the 2nd round.

Post-fight, Machida was ecstatic and was overjoyed that he won the gold. He is humble and amazingly likeable, screaming "Karate is back!" and telling the fans that if they have a goal, go for it because anything is possible. It was nice to see a fighter so excited about winning a title and to win in such a convincing fashion.

On the undercard, it would be a night of unanimous decisions as Matt Hughes got the best of Matt Serra, Chael Sonnen defeated Dan Miller and Frankie Edgar beat Sean Sherk.

  • Official attendance was 12,606 for $3.26 million.
  • Serra and Hughes got $60k each for Fight of the Night.
  • Brock Larson earned $60k for Submission of the Night in his win over Mike Pyle.
Here's the round-by-round breakdown of UFC 98 with more details:

Lyoto Machida def. Rashad Evans via 2nd round KO (3:57) to win the Light Heavyweight Title

Round 1

  • Pre-fight, Evans looks pumped...like this is his moment. This would have been a great co-main event with bigger names on top. I'll be interested to see what the buyrates are.
  • People are booing a minute in as neither guy has thrown anything yet.
  • We're now 90 seconds in and they seem very hesitant to engage the other.
  • Machida lands a kick and is the more patient of the two. Evans wants to get in there but can't seem to find an opening.
  • We are now three minutes in and still not much is happening. Evans is lightly jabbing trying to get in, but still is having issues.
  • Machida hits another left kick and follows with a hard left that drops Evans. Machida starts landing a few unconnected shots but somehow, Evans gets out of it.
  • Machida looks unstoppable and hasn't even been touched yet. He is very calm.
Round 2

  • Crowd is huge into Machida...not bad for a guy that is still learning English.
  • They had a good exchange of punches at the 3:30 mark. Machida is quick, but so is Evans.
  • Should Evans be looking for a takedown? Nothing else seems to be working.
  • At the 1:30 mark, Evans gets hit hard with a straight left and Machida is on him with punches and punches. Finally, a left hook did it...Evans buckled back and he is KO'd!
  • Unreal...Evans was dominated the entire fight.
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Matt Hughes def. Matt Serra via unan. decision

Round 1

  • There was an intense stand off before the bell...this is awesome.
  • Hughes is hurt early as Serra apparently connected with a quick punch. Hughes holds on, but Rogan is saying it was a collision of heads. The replay would corroborate it.
  • Hughes gets a takedown and got Serra's back around the 1:20 mark. But Serra was able to work his way out which Rogan set up beautifully on the telecast on how he was going to approach it.
  • We'll give the first round to Serra as Hughes didn't look good here.
Round 2

  • Hughes got a takedown at the 3:30 mark, but with Serra being a black belt BJJ, Hughes has to work extra hard to get an advantage of any sort.
  • Hughes puts on a ground and pound clinic, but isn't doing any real damage. They were stood up at the end of the round and Serra was swinging for the fences to attempt to get some points.
  • We'll give Hughes the round. The fight has been ok, but not as emotional as I would expect. Serra is trying to engage Hughes in some banter but it's not working.
Round 3

  • Hughes landed a punch and got a takedown, but Serra has Hughes's arm at the 3:30 mark, trying to sink into something.
  • Serra is now trying a triangle from the bottom. This is a classic wrestler vs. BJJ discipline match-up. Whose will will hold out?
  • Both guys are stood up at 1:40...here we go.
  • Serra reverses a Hughes takedown and gets a throw of his own with less than a minute to go. No real damage done here.
  • They hugged afterward. So much for the dislike. Going to war for 15 minutes with a guy will do that to a guy, I guess.
  • That is a tough round to score. We'll give it to Hughes, but I wouldn't be surprised if Serra wins it.
  • All three judges scored it 29-28 for Matt Hughes (2 rounds to 1). It was okay, but probably time for both guys to hang up the gloves. I am guessing that we'll see them again though.

Chael Sonnen def. Dan Miller via unan decision

Sonnen took it to Miller at his own game, grounding Miller for nearly the entire fight. Crowd wasn't into this and it was very bland. Sonnen needed this one and Miller now some of the shine taken off his star.

Drew McFedries def. Xavier Foupa-Pokam via TKO (punches) at :37 of 1st round.

McFedries was on XFP from the start, connecting with nearly everything he hit until ref Yves Lavigne stopped the fight. XFP protested but he had had no chance after the first right hand connected.

Frank Edgar def. Sean Sherk by unan. decision.

Here's a writeup of the full undercard from the good folks at Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Weekly.

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