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Thread: Fedor Is More Elusive Than Machida

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    Default Fedor Is More Elusive Than Machida

    Posted By: Chart Topper

    While many MMA fans and insiders would consider Lyoto Machida the most elusive fighter in Mixed Martial Arts, FightMetric uses statistical analysis to prove that he’s actually the second most elusive(of the list they’ve assembled) mixed martial arts fighter. The stats below comes from the number of strikes a fighter takes divided by the number of minutes fought to give you the number of strikes absorbed per minute of fighting(SApM). Here’s the list:

    Frank Mir: 2.7 SApM
    Rashad Evans: 1.39 SApM
    BJ Penn: 1.23 SApM
    Georges St. Pierre: 1.01 SApM
    Anderson Silva: 0.71 SApM
    Lyoto Machida: 0.64 SApM
    Fedor Emelianenko: 0.59 SApM

    As you can see Fedor Emelianenko has the lowest SApM with Machida coming in second. Take from this what you will, but these two fighters are very hard to hit.

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    Default Re: Fedor Is More Elusive Than Machida

    Fedor also has fights against guys like Zulu and Ogawa. Not to say that Fedor isn't very tough to hit in general, but that statistic is misleading.
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    I dont think it is misleading as Machida has fought Watanabe and Michael Mcdonald. Fedor has also fought more times and has fought better strikers in Schilt, Hunt, Cro Cop, and Arlovski.

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    Default Re: Fedor Is More Elusive Than Machida

    A Silva still belongs in this category as a strong argument as #1. His stats may have been hurt early in his career. But right now, I still believe Anderson has the best footwork in MMA.

    I do have to say that watching Machida execute Karate the way he does, has been one of the best things for MMA. GSP may know karate, but he has never displayed it the way Machida has. That was textbook Karate.

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    Fedor is the best in striking.

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    That stat is very misleading in that it is strikes absorbed/ min fought, not minutes standing. Machida is on his feet a much larger % of the fight than Fedor. If you changed the numbers to be strikes absorbed/min standing, and not min fought, I would bet Machida would be ahead.

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