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    This is a card that has been plagued with injuries. It started out with Lesnar/Mir headlining the event until Mir dropped out with a knee injury. Following suit Yushin Okami, Josh Koscheck, Chris Wilson, James Irvin, and Houston Alexander also dropped out with injuries.

    Initially it looked like Rampage would fight for the belt until Rampage had to decline the fight. Finally we end up with Evans vs. Machida in what I believe is a great main event. Two undefeated fighters who have proven to be among the best in the world, both continue to evolve and show how dangerous they are in all areas. The crazy part is that despite beating Liddell and Griffin in impressive fashion Evans is the underdog.

    No one has been able to come up with an answer for Machida yet. However, he has yet to face anyone as skilled and as dangerous as Evans. We still are unsure of Machidas cardio if he is forced into a rugged fight particularly if he is put on his back early and often. We still dont know how well he can take a shot and we know that Evans can bring the power. He also has not spent much time off his back.

    Evans will need to close the distance, and he has the ability to do so with his speed and quickness. If he fights from a distance he will get picked apart, he has good hands but he is a counter striker and machida is a better counter striker. He will need to box from the inside and look to test machidas chin early and get him out of his comfort zone. Mix in the dirty boxing with takedowns and he can wear down and frustrate machida.

    No one has been able to close the distance on machida, he has great footwork is exceptionally quick and will hit you on the way in. He also has excellent foot sweeps so Rashad still cant get over aggresive or he will be put on his back. Machida is a black belt in bjj so even if he goes to the ground he will not be in danger.

    Overall I think Rashad will struggle to close the distnace and when he does i think he will have most of his shots stuffed. Machida also has a sumo background so he has great balance and center of gravity so he is very hard to take down with a simple double. If they clinch it may be in machidas favor has his karate/judo trips and throws are well timed.

    I expect it to be a boring first round but to pick up quite a bit in rounds two and three. I think machida will pick evans apart and frustrate him forcing him to play into his hands.

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    I thought Hughes looked great in the weigh ins. He looked like his old self, and I hope we get a glimpse of his past greatness.

    I wish I had saved my post from when these two were first supposed to fight. That feels like a lifetime ago, and both guys have made Fedor look very active.

    Neither fighter is great standing but Serra does have the power advantage. Serra has decent takedown defense but hughes should be able to get it to the ground. Serra is an accomplished blackbelt but it hasnt translated that well to mma.

    I dont see serra posing a real threat off his back. Part of is Hughes has good submission defense and a great base and serra just doenst have the body type that translates into a successful bottom game in mma.

    It should be a somewhat boring fight as hughes will control the top position. He wont be able to do much damage or really improve position but in mma the guy on top wins. I expect a few decent scrambles maybe even a sweep or two from serra but for the most part it will be a slower paced controlled fight. It could be a better version of lyle/serra as the fighters will neutralize each other for the most part with hughes having a slight edge.

    Three round decision win for Hughes as he rides off into the sunset of retirement.

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