After the experience of facing the two time K-1champion Buakaw Por Pramuk, in K-1 World Max of April, Andr? ?Dida? Amade is back to the MMA. On July 20, the Brazilian will face the Deep champion, Katsunori Kikuno, at Dream. "I came to Brazil this week to train at Fefe?s academy, a Muay Thai more toward to the K-1, which consists in a greater use of legs and many combinations, and mine, because is more toward to the MMA. The idea was to stay until July, because I was focused on Muay Thai, but the Japanese called me and offered me this fight", revealed Dida.

Aware of the Japanese?s experience, who made 12 of his 13 MMA fights at Deep and has a 11 victories, one defeat and one tie, Dida goes to San Diego on Monday to train at the University of Jiu ?Jitsu, Saulo and Alexandre Ribeiro?s team. "Kikuno is from Wrestling, then I?ll be well advised at Saulo?s academy. I'll never run away from my game, I?ll always go ahead and look for the knockout, but if the fight goes to the ground I will be well prepared, because I?ll train with the bests", said the fighter, who commented about the experience of having faced Buakaw in K-1 rules.

"I was prepared to face Buakaw. I?ve trained three months for this fight, but I knew that it would be a quite complicated combat. Buakaw is a big champion and beat me in the experiment. If I thought as a K-1 fighter, when I gave him a knockdown I wouldn?t spent my gas, but I thought as a MMA fighter, didn?t want to miss the opportunity and wanted to try the knockout. He was experienced and received orientation from his corner to go inside in the second round and he didn?t let me breathe. That was the big lesson I took from this fight. I?m sure that I?ll get this experience, I?ll renew my contract to fight in K-1 and I hope I can make a rematch with Buakaw", ended.