Maximum Fighting Championship is a small MMA organization out of Canada. While I've heard of them, until last night I never saw one of their events. The event aired on HDNET and was the twenty first event of the promotion.

They use the unified rules combat takes place in a large boxing ring.

I was pleasantly surprised by a few familiar faces and a decent card of six fights.

One of which was for the WFC Light heavy weight title as well as Heavyweight prospect Bobby Lashleys third MMA bout.

Bas Rutten was one of the commentators. Big John McCarthy reffed a few of the bouts too.

Bout 1 - LHW - Marvin Eastman 15-9 vs. Aron Lofton 6-0

Round 1

Feeling each other get into a clinch out Lofton catches Eastman with a knee to the groin, time out for a few minutes for Eastman and a warning to Lofton.

They continue Eastman goes for a take down Lofton works into a clinch they go down Lofton works for a guillotine Eastman striking but doing little damage. Lofton works for a kimura. They jockey for position Eastman gets back to his feet. Brief exchange Lofton gets the clinch throwing knees. Takedown by Eastman. 10-9 Eastman

Round 2

Eastman scores a take down early working vicious ground and pound. Pushing towards the ropes passing guard into mount raining down elbows until its stopped at 2:59.

Winner Marvin Eastman by TKO improved to 16-9 while Aron Lofton suffered his first loss making his record 6-1

Bout 2 - LHW - Mychal Clark 8-5 vs. Ryan Jimmo 9-1

Round 1

Slow feeling out process both very cautious for the first two minutes. Jimmo has a karate background that is evident in his stance. Jimmo works in the clinch followed by a quick sweep into a take down landing in side control.

Jockeying for position and Jimmo manages to maintain dominance ending up in side control on the opposite side. They get back to to their feet then clinch up again quickly to the ground with Clark on top in Jimmos guard.

Jimmos holds for a while from the bottom than explodes with a sweep rolling into Clarks guard and passes with ease. Jimmo finishes the round with some solid ground and pound. 10-9 Jimmo

Round 2

Probing with strikes, they clinch up again fighting for control. Jimmo works for a standing guillotine then to quick take down about one minute into the round.

Jimmo in Clarks half guard working to pass throwing some short strikes.Clark works back into guard fending Jimmo off. Clark scrambles out back to his feet.

They immediately clinch again fighting for control around the ring. Jimmo drops guard working into a roll to wind up on top. Both fighters are looking a bit winded as the round finishes. 10-9 Jimmo

Round 3

Jimmo gets the clinch and immediately takes down Clark. Jimmos in control but not doing much damage. The two fighters struggle on the ground for position and Clark escapes back to his feet. They clash in the clinch once more but little happens as the look exhausted. After a solid minute Jimmo gets another take down and maintains control until the end of the fight. 10 -9 Jimmo

Winner Ryan Jimmo Unanimous decision all three judges have 30-27 as do I. Jimmo improves 10-1 and Clark falls to 8-6

Briefly in between bouts they have an interview with Jason MacDonald recently released from UFC and returning to MFC where he last fought in 2006. He will be fighting for the MFC promotion in the near future.

Bout 3 - WW - Andrew Buckland 8-3 vs John Alessio 28-13

Round 1

Buckland comes out in a southpaw stance probing with kicks. Both fighters circling. Alessio rocks Buckland with a nasty left hook. Buckland tries to clinch but Alessio takes him down into side control, easily gets the mount and begins to lay in some heavy ground and pound.

It appears the veteran Alessio is to much for Buckland.

Buckland gives his back trying to avoid strikes. Alessio sinks in a rear naked choke and Buckland taps out at 2:53. Buckland has a huge shiner under his left eye looks like an egg.

Winner John Alessio by submission he improves to 29-13 while Buckland fell to 8-4.

Bout 4 - LHW - Travis Galbraith 16-6 vs David Heath 11-4

Round 1

Both fighters come out meeting in brief exchanges. Heath seems to have the better hands while Galbraith has nicer kicks. The round continues in similar fashion with both fighters keeping it standing. Heath pushes the pace landing some nice hooks. 10-9 Heath

Round 2

Fight picks up where it left off but Buckland turns up the pace with kicks. Keeping Heath back a bit after eating a few kicks to the face and legs. Heavy exchanges now back and forth. Midway through the round Heath is hit with a low blow by a kick.

After a brief rest they get back to it. The round ends with Galbraith finishing strong utilizing kicks. 10-9 Galbraith

Round 3

The fighters waste no time getting back to business exchanging heavily once more. Heath looks to be tired. Galbraith shoots for a take down and has one leg. Heath breaks free. They exchange some more pushing the fight into the corner with Heaths back on the ropes.

While there Galbraith lands a glancing shot to the groin again this time with a knee. He is issued a warning as Heath takes a break.

They continue fighting, clinch up on the ropes and break free back to slugging it out. Heath throws a lazy leg kick and Galbraith times a spinning back fist countering. Moments later Heath complains of an eyes shot after an exchange.

This is questionable the ref doesn't seem to inclined to indulge this on for Heath and they get back to it. Heavy exchanges once more but Galbraith looks like the fresher man finishing stronger. 10-9 Galbraith

Winner by split decision Travis Galbraith he improves to 17-6 Heath falls to 11-5.

Bout 5- HW - Mike Cook 7-3 vs Bobby Lashley 2-0

Round 1 - Lashley is the bigger man at 249 lb to Cooks 234 lb frame. Lashley comes out with a huge right hook to close the gap, Cook slips under going for a take down getting a hold of Lashleys leg.

But Lashley has a guillotine. He pulls his leg free sprawling to flatten Cook out. Lashley holds Cooks head with his left arm strikes with his right then pulls in Cook flattening him to his stomach.

Cook taps out at 24 seconds into the round.

Winner by submission Bobby Lashley he improves to 3-0 while Cook falls to 7-4.

Bout 6 - LHW Championship

Trevor Prangley 19-5 vs MFC LHW Champion Emanuel Newton 11-3-1

Round 1

The fight begins with Newton throwing wild shots to get the clinch. Prangley gets free throws a kick which Newton catches. Prangley gets his leg free manages to clinch up and hip toss Newton who instantly gets back to his feet with Prangley holding him at the waist.

Prangley tosses Newton again but same result Newton is back on his feet twist around grabbing Prangley and slams him. They are up again struggling for control. 10-9 Newton.

Round 2

Both fighters standing exchanging with fast heavy combinations. Prangley lands solid leg kicks.They clinch up working into a corner. Newton scores a take down but Prangley gets up quickly then he takes Newton down in the corner working some ground and pound from half guard.

Ref Big John McCarthy stops the bout to restart it in the center of the ring. Prangley resumes his assault from the top in half guard raining down elbows. Newton slips back to his feet while avoiding strikes. 10-9 Prangley.

Round 3

Prangley looks a bit gassed after the hard pace of the first two rounds. After a brief exchange Prangley stumbles back awkwardly on his ankle. Prangley drives Newton into a corner with a big right hand.

Both fighters exchange close punches. Prangley is cut under his right eye. Newton lands a close knee three minutes in .

Apparently its a low blow and surprisingly Big John takes a point from the champ Newton without issuing a warning. After a rest the fight continues in the clinch with Prangley getting the better of the exchanges. 10 -8 Prangley.

Round 4

The pace slows here for both fighters with no one landing anything solid. They circle lazily probing. Suddenly Newton lands a huge overhand right and drops Prangley. He doesn't jump on him fast enough and Prangley recovers.

Newton looks to be the better of the two this round. 10-9 Newton

Round 5

Prangley comes out strong in the final round with leg kicks that buckle Newtons leg momentarily. Low blow by Prangley Big John issues a warning here though. Both fighters giving it all they have now, Prangley is getting the better shots in now.

Final seconds of the round Prangley rocks Newton with a right kick to the face. Both fighters go down crashing to the floor at the bell. Dazed but not out.

The replay shows that Prangley fell due to possibly breaking his foot on Newtons face as his foot is swollen and bruising. 10-9 Prangley

Winner by unanimous decision Trevor Prangley. scores 48-46, 49-46, 49-46

Prangley is the new champion and he improves to 20-5 while Newton falls t0 11-4-1.

In conclusion I enjoyed the overall show. They took a little longer than I would like between fights but the card was solid and fun to watch. I look forward to seeing what else they put out down the road.

Bobby Lashley is definitely a prospect to watch he is a different level of athlete and has a clear will to be an MMA fighter. He said he is scheduled to fight Bob Sapp next month.