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“I’ve gotten better at defending the takedowns, and I’ve gotten a lot better at exploding back to my feet once I hit the ground,” said Barry, whose childhood home in New Orleans was destroyed in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. “I’ve gotten better at defending submissions. It’s all coming.

“I’m a quick learner, and I’m a student of my trade. I’ve immersed myself in wrestling and jiu-jitsu. I’ve got Cliff Notes on wrestling and jiu-jitsu, and I have to catch up on the years and years of experience all these other guys have.”

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“I’m studying this stuff day and night because I have a very short period of time and I have to get this quick,” Barry said of his wrestling and jiu-jitsu. “People don’t ‘just’ punch and kick any more. They don’t ‘just’ wrestle any more. There are no more Royce Gracies, where they’ll just take you down and submit you. Everybody is good at everything.

“A prime example, the No. 1 example, a scary man who I don’t want to see anytime soon, is Cain Velasquez. The first time I saw him fight, I had no idea he was not a striker. I thought, ‘This guy is a badass kickboxer,’ and he’s beating guys to pieces. Afterwards, I found out he’s not even a striker.”

Barry laughed, knowing this is the type of guy he’ll be facing before long.

“You see a guy strike like that and you think, ‘He’s got to have a long, long background as a kickboxer,’ ” Barry said. “No. The guy is a wrestler. He’s a stud wrestler who happens to know how to punch and kick. That gave me chills.

“That right there is why I’m wrestling and doing jiu-jitsu 10 days a week. I’m doing it nonstop, almost, because I’m trying to get ready for guys like him. He’s a super stud the world should watch out for. … Those are the kinds of guys I’m going to have to fight, so it’s not a surprise what I’m doing in training. But I’m an athlete, and I know I can pick this up.”

The article is a good read and the interview made me an even bigger fan of Barry's. It seemed like he was being very honest and self aware. I can't wait to see him fight again.