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Discuss UFC 98: Is Ralph Macchio vs. Ahmad Rashad a Fair Fight? at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Now I know it’s been quite some time since I logged on to Bleacher Report. ...
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    Star UFC 98: Is Ralph Macchio vs. Ahmad Rashad a Fair Fight?

    Now I know it’s been quite some time since I logged on to Bleacher Report. I think the last time was in February or so, but when I heard about the main event of UFC 98! I was amazed by the dedication to the MMA fans by Dana White to make this fight a go. I had to write an article...

    The Karate Kid vs. Clair Huxtable’s former husband. Now I will fork over the 59.99 for this fight on principle alone.

    In the pending battle of these two has-been Titans of the 1980s we have some serious skills to match up and a prediction to follow as well.

    As we all know Ralph Macchio made a name for himself by eventually standing up to “Johnny” and his gang of punks from the Cobra Kai by becoming a student of the Miyagi Fighting Style and eventually growing a pair so he could impress the girl from across town.

    The Cobra Kai was so ruthless that during the Karate Tournament when Macchio was agonizing in pain you could hear "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh Get'em a Body Bag!" coming from the background with laughter and teenage testosterone as it's amplifier.

    But the most poignant and touching part of young Daniel Son’s growth and evolution was the relationship and bond he developed with his father figure played by Pat Morita. Their story is a heartfelt one about a white trash kid and his mentoring and education from a mild mannered WWII hero who liked to prune bonsai trees.

    Needless to say Ralph Macchio is a survivor. Because he is fighting in UFC 98 and I ain’t seen or heard from him since the fallout of the Karate Kid II a.k.a The Forbidden Love.

    Now Ahmad Rashad, formerly known as the Oregon Duck football star Bobby Moore is a completely different model of respect. Basically a glory hound his entire life he went through several media laden events to garner attention to his pretty face.

    Now Ahmad loved the spotlight and who could blame him?

    After all Ahmad was a great football player both collegiality and professionally and eventually became a fully fledged celebrity and TV icon on Thanksgiving Day 1995.

    During the pregame show to the Lions and Jets game the always venerable spotlight ranger asked Phylicia Ayers-Allen to marry him. Needless to say this pretty boy won her heart and hand in marriage that lasted 16 years. Not bad for a third marriage…For both of them.

    Some of Ahmad’s credits and roles include Real TV, Celebrity Mole, and NBA Inside Stuff. H definitely served well as Michael Jordan’s biggest hanger on from press row and continues to make money; I mean a name for himself by stepping up and fighting the Karate Kid in UC 98.

    I expect this fight to be extremely close but look for Rashad to pull it out in the fifth round by a KO. Macchio has a lot to prove but Rashad is ready to beat him to submission if needed.

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    Default Re: UFC 98: Is Ralph Macchio vs. Ahmad Rashad a Fair Fight?

    I think this would have been a more interesting card if done on MTV's Celebrity Death Match. There is just something magical about a Clay formed Mills Lane.

    BTW...I pray that Ralphie doesn't try the Crane kick on Rashad....He's seen the video on this guy...he'll be expecting it.

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