Thumbs Up

Thumbs up to the UFC on making an outstanding matchup in Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva at UFC 101.
This fight has the potential to be the fight of the year in all MMA. Good job, Dana White and Joe Silva, for getting this fight happening. UFC 101 also will have a rivalry with UFC Lightweight champion BJ Penn taking on No. 1 contender Kenny Florian.
This should be a very good card. I personally except Kenny Florian to win this fight, he is way more focused. Penn just seems more concerned with the hole greasing amusement of UFC welterweight champion Georges "Rush" St. Pierre.

Thumbs up to Strikeforce on signing Kevin "The Monster" Randleman. He will be the key aspect to Strikeforce getting bigger. I would love to see Randleman fighting Babulu Sobral down the line. Strikeforce just seems to get better and better, especially with the recent fight being announced with Scott Smith vs. Nick Diaz.

Thumbs up to the video game UFC Undisputed 2009 getting released this month. It has been very anticipated, for months. With this video game , UFC is getting bigger and bigger. The official release date is May 19th. I for one will be getting this video game the day it comes out.

Thumbs Down

Thumbs down on the turning for the worse regarding Chuck Liddell and his retirement. It's getting pretty bad.
Recently, Dana White commented on John Hackleman, wanting Chuck to stay in the UFC because Chuck's his money horse.
This is getting worse with every day. I think Chuck Liddell just needs to relax for a little bit, spend some time with his family and decide things from there.
This should be Chucks decision. I just don't see this getting better. I think its going to END IN A VERY UGLY WAY.

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