Thumbs Up :

Thumbs up to the UFC to hyping up a fight that will sell tickets instantly. Wanderlai Silva and Anderson Silva have been throwing words at each other over the past few weeks.

It's just making me, more and more excited. I can't wait to see this fight, if it ever happens.

Of course Wanderlei has an upcoming fight against former Middleweight Champion Rich "Ace" Franklin , and Anderson Silva has a fight coming up against former Light heavyweight Champion Forrest Griffin. This fight will be aways off though, Nate Marquadt and Demaian Maia will be fighting for the #1 contender for Anderson Silvas Middleweight title.

If Wanderlei wins, he could be lined up against the winner of Bisping/Henderson which takes place at UFC 100. That fight would then, prolly be for the #1 contender.

Thumbs up for the upcoming fight between former Welterweight champions Matt Serra and Matt Hughes. These two hate each other, with pasion.

This fight will be guaranteed to be a brawl. Hopefully with Matt Hughes winning.

This fight has been long overdue, since nearly two years. They were rival coaches on the show The Ultimate Fighter. There rivalry just grew from there.

Thumbs Down :

Thumbs down, with the injuries on the UFC 98 Card. This card started off, literally stacked from top to bottom.

But then with a few injuries there and there, Top Five Welterweight Josh Koscheck had to pull off, followed by knockout artist James "Sandman" Irvin, then followed by Yoshin Okami, followed last by fan favourite Houston Alexander. This card still has very good fights though, with Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida for the Light heavyweight Championship, Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes, Sean Sherk vs Frankie Edgar and Phillipe Nover's UFC Debut. Just a shame of all these injuries.

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