Big news and more surprises in store for UFC 100. Today the released the statement:

“Join us on Friday, July 10, immediately following UFC President, Dana White’s keynote address, as two worthy members of the UFC world will join the ranks of Dan Severn, Mark Coleman, Ken Shamrock, Randy Couture, and Royce Gracie when they are inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. You won’t want to miss this historical event happening right on the UFC Fan Expo show floor!”

Just more excitement added to the historical UFC 100 event. Who will the two lucky guys be? Here are a few candidates:

1. Chuck Liddell (21-7)

Former five-time light-heavyweight champion and one of the biggest names in MMA today, "The Iceman" will undoubtedly be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. A fan favorite and the most successfully PPV seller for the UFC, he coached the first season of The Ultimate Fighter and has been one of the reasons why the UFC has become so popular.

The problem is he hasn't retired yet. Apparently he has a few more fights in him and we'll see if he hangs up the gloves before UFC 100. We all know Randy made a comeback after retiring, and I wouldn't be surprised if Chuck did the same thing.

2. Evan Tanner (32-8)

Former middleweight champion who died last year on a desert camping trip, Tanner was a popular fighter in the UFC. He disappeared from the MMA scene for over two years and made an amazing comeback (unfortunately he lost his last two fights in the UFC).

His death came shortly after his last fight and he will always be remembered as a warrior who left everything in the cage.

3. Pat Miletich (29-7)

The first UFC welterweight champion and founder of the Miletich Fighting System, he was an early pioneer for the UFC. This former four-time champion was the only man to have three UFC champions in his camp at the same time: Matt Hughes, Jens Pulver, and Tim Silvia.

He is one of the reasons why the UFC is where it is today and he should always be considered a MMA legend by the hardcore fans.

4. Matt Hughes (43-7)

Former nine-time welterweight champion, two-time coach on The Ultimate Fighter, and tied with Randy Couture for the most belts, Hughes is already a legend in the UFC. He has another fight coming up at UFC 98 and wants to continue fighting if he wins.

If he retires before then, I'm sure he will be one of the two chosen for induction into the HOF.

5. Jens Pulver (21-11-1)

The first UFC lightweight champion and coach of The Ultimate Fighter Season Five, he is another fighter who helped build the UFC. He was the pioneer in starting a lightweight division and was a three-time champion until he left the UFC.

He is currently fighting in the WEC's featherweight division but has suffered three consecutive losses. He says he is not ready to retire but things may change before July 10th. When "Lil Evil" does retire, you can bet he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

6. Don Frye (20-7)

One of the first legends of the octagon, his name should be remembered with Dan Severn, Mark Coleman, Ken Shamrock, and Royce Gracie. Winning UFC 8 and Ultimate Ultimate 96, he is truly one of early champions of the UFC.

He has not officially retired yet, just winning his last fight May 2 of this year, but he should no doubt be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.