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Discuss Three MMA Fights I Want To See at the MMA, UFC, & Boxing within the Wrestling Talk Forums; The world of MMA seems to be growing every day. New organizations rise and fall. ...
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    Star Three MMA Fights I Want To See

    The world of MMA seems to be growing every day.

    New organizations rise and fall. Some fighters find new homes. Others end up on the shelf for a while awaiting a new opportunity.

    So as I look over the vast amount of talent in the sport as a whole, there remain a few fights I would love to see.

    Sadly, thanks to contracts and such, they are likely to never occur.


    Fedor "The Last Emperor" Emelianenko (30-1-0) currently with Affliction vs. Alistair "Demolition Man" Overeem (29-11-0) currently with Strikeforce.

    I start with this because this fight could actually happen. While most fans would love to see Emelianenko battle Josh Barnett, that fight never happened in Pride and seems to be very unlikely in Affliction.

    I've heard all the usual excuses: They are friends. They are holding out for more money. Whatever the case, it's not happening.

    So I thought about who is out there for the heavyweight warrior called Fedor.

    I saw Alistair Overeem fight in Strikeforce and Dream in the past two years, and he is currently the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion.

    Most of Overeems losses came when he was in Pride at light heavyweight. Cutting the weight to 205 pounds was a bit much for his 6-foot-5-inch frame.

    He has been a beast at heavyweight, fighting competition that he clearly outmatches. Affliction and Dream have had no problems matching up their warriors in the past, so this should happen.

    Emelianenko would have to deal with a rangy, powerful striker, which posed a problem for him when he fought Andre Arlovski.

    Though on the ground Emelianenko would dominate and defeat Overeem, he would need to go through a heavy storm of striking to get there.

    If Overeem followed a game plan of stick-and-move striking, he could pull out a decision. A good fight to challenge Emelianenko and Overeem both.


    Anderson "The Spider" Silva (24-4-0) currently with UFC vs. Cung Le (6-0) currently with Strikeforce and Hollywood.

    While UFC's answer to Silva's lackluster performances is Forrest Griffin, mine is Le. I know he only has six MMA fights and hasn't fought in more than a year. But he honed his stand-up skills fighting in K-1 and was unbeatable in using his San Shou kickboxing.

    While Silva is more experienced in MMA, he loves to stand, and so does Le. He has some of the most Dynamic striking the sport has ever seen, throwing kicks like someone out of Kung Fu: The Movie. He has destroyed opponents with strikes that most fighters wouldn't even use, let alone use effectively.

    Anderson Silva is UFC's middleweight champion and pound-for-pound king.

    With a nine-fight win streak and five consecutive title defenses, he is the man to beat at 185 these days. One of the best fighting today, he needs a challenge to force him to fight like he once did.

    If this one ever happened, I believe Silva would pull out the win via decision, but he wouldn't be able to just play around with Le without consequences. Both fighters have excellent stand-up skills, unusual angles, and deadly accuracy. This equals awesome stand-up war.


    Jake Shields (22-4-1) currently with Strikeforce vs. George "Rush" St. Pierre (18-2-0) currently with UFC.

    I was hoping that UFC would pick up Shields when EliteXC went under.

    Unfortunately this did not happen, so this fight likely will never happen.

    Jake Shield is a Ceasar Gracie student and training partner of Nick Diaz. Shields is on an 11-fight win streak. But his last fight was in early October.

    Shields is a ground wizard with serious skills and an ability to go the distance. Most of his wins are via submission or decision.

    St. Pierre is UFC's welterweight king and a contender in the pound-for-pound rankings. He is well-rounded and a master on the ground in his own right. The Canadian warrior is one of the best in MMA today and is only getting better.

    If this fight remained standing, I'd give it to St. Pierre, no problem. But I think Shields could get this to the ground, where he could take it.

    Well, that's it for me. I have a few others, but these three I find most interesting. Feel free to share your opinions or rip me a new one. Either way, thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Three MMA Fights I Want To See

    Fedor, Silva and GSP make short work of those "challengers".

    1. Fedor is much more skilled in all facets of fighting than Overeem. Once it went to the mat, it would be a matter of time before Fedor submitted him. Then you would be pissed you paid 50 bucks to see a 2 minute fight.

    2. Are you kidding? It took Cung Lee 3 rounds and some stupidity for him to finish Frank Shamrock. If Shamrock had blocked a few of those arm kicks and closed the distance, we wouldn't be talking about Cung Lee

    3. Grease or no grease. If BJ Penn can't beat GSP, NO WAY Sheilds is.
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    Default Re: Three MMA Fights I Want To See

    I agree with everything gjfovf said!

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    Default Re: Three MMA Fights I Want To See

    Agree with previous posts, but really, really have no interest in Shields/GSP. GSP is about to get hands down the best guy in the weight that he hasn't fought yet, IMO, so no need to get excited over a lesser opponent. Silva would crush Le, but something about the styles makes that fight somewhat interesting to me, despite the obvious mismatch.

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    Default Re: Three MMA Fights I Want To See

    I would be intrigued by the Silva vs. Le fight. I think it would have the potential to be a great stand up fight.

    I think Silva is a great fighter but he still hasnt faced a great striker in the UFC thus making him look a little better than he is. I guess I cant shake the visions of his fight with Chonan where even before the submission he was even at best in the striking.

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