Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano went to war at The Ultimate Fighter finale on Saturday.
Tate controlled the first two rounds with better grappling and clean strikes, but Zingano settled in and got stronger as the fight wore on. In the third, she took over. Tate was battling from behind the entire round before a knee hurt her and Zingano finished.

What we'll remember about this fight
We will remember that these two came to fight. There wasn't a feeling out process where the two fighters circled for an extended period of time. When the bell sounded, one or the other sprinted across the cage and got the action started.
We don't see that kind of action in every fight, and it always excites the crowd. They know a fight is about to happen. The quick starts to the rounds will be the lasting impression of this thrilling encounter.

What we learned about Cat Zingano
We learned that the Octagon jitters nearly caught her. she was clearly amped up at the weigh-ins and during the walk out to the cage. On the flip side, Tate was calm and collected.
In the first round, she was tight. Tate took full advantage. After the first round, she was clearly much more comfortable and settled in. That's why she got better in the final two frames. Now, the biggest fight of her career is up next. She best hope that this doesn't happen again, or else she'll find herself in a lot of trouble against the champion.

What we learned about Miesha Tate
Honestly, not much. We already knew her strengths and weaknesses, and we knew she has a ton of heart. We learned this from her previous fights against the top of the division while in Strikeforce.
She'll have to go back to the drawing board before earning another title shot.

What's next for Zingano
A coaching spot on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter and a title shot against Ronda Rousey. To the victor go the spoils.

What's next for Tate
Tate will likely earn a shot against one of the losers of the upcoming women's fights. Sara McMann battles Sheila Gaff, and Alexis Davis takes on Rosi Sexton. McMann and Davis are favored in their bouts, and they are fighting glorified flyweights. Tate will most likely get to fight one of them, or a lower-ranked bantamweight who has yet to make a UFC debut.