It is week two of Iowa Hawkeyes spring practices, and unfortunately, unlike most other college programs, head coach Kirk Ferentz keeps his practices closed.
In effect, Hawkeyes fans who are not interested in Iowa's current basketball successes are desperate for information and have to pick at whatever scraps they can get.
As far as scraps, much of the following has to do with a much-publicized practice picture that released (No. 7 in the linked slideshow) and Iowa blogger PlannedSickDays tweeted:
No fullback huh? Looks like #45 is lined up there to me. (from yesterday's practice)…
— PlannedSickDays (@PlannedSickDays) March 28, 2013
The photo shows the first-team offense in an I-formation. Jake Rudock is under center, Damon Bullock is at tailback, Mark Weisman is at fullback and tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz is on the line in a three-point stance.
Of course, this was only one play out of however many the Hawks ran in practice. The next play might have seen Weisman at tailback, Bullock in the slot and Fiedorowicz motioned off the line. Nonetheless, if Kirk Ferentz isn't going to allow anybody into his camp, then he has to expect people to read into what little information seeps out.
Regardless, much of the following will go over the potential implications of that snippet of spring practices.
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