After each one of Jon Jones' UFC fights the hype surrounding him has increased exponentially. After UFC 126 it is safe to say that trend has continued.

A lot of people thought that Ryan Bader had the tools to stop Jones' meteoric rise in the light-heavyweight division, but Jones defeated Bader easily, catching him with a guillotine choke in round two.

Jones out-struck Bader throughout the fight, which came as a surprise to no one seeing as Jones had a ten and half reach advantage.

What was surprising was how easily Jones was able to out-wrestle Bader and how effortlessly he controlled him on the ground.

Dana White was so impressed with Bones Jones performance that he decided to grant Jones a title fight against current light-heavyweight champ Mauricio Shogun Rua at UFC 128.

Rashad Evans was orginally slated to be fighting Rua at UFC 128, but blew his knew out in training.

The question now is: Is Jon Jones ready for such a step up in competition, especially with such little time to prepare?

The fact is Jones has not been tested against a top five light-heavyweight yet and people may be putting too much stock in his victory over Bader.

Bader really only has one victory over a big name to his credit: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

However, Bader didn't look any more impressive against Nogueira than Jason Brilz did.

The only thing impressive about Jones' victory is that he out-wrestled Bader and we already knew Jones' was a really good wrestler.

Everyone knew Jones' would be better standing and Bader's submission game is also pretty weak, so it wasn't surprising Jones pulled off the submission.

Don't get me wrong, it was an impressive performance, but I don't think it merited a title shot.

Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua is going to be by far the most difficult fight of Jones' career.

Rua's stand up is far more dangerous than anyone Jones has faced and he's also a very good strategist.

Remember that it was Rua who figured out Lyoto Machida when everyone thought Machida was unstoppable.

Jon Bones Jones definitely has it in him to be champ one day, but this seems like it's coming a little bit too soon.

Coming off the biggest win of his career, Jones has little more than a month to prepare for the next biggest fight of his career.

I'm not sure he's ready for it.