You know that guy we all mention from time to time -- the guy who is a bit of a tougher self-critic than UFC Heavyweight Champion (and arguable P4P best Heavyweight) Cain Velasquez?

Well, it didn't take Dana White long to find him --his name's Antonio McKee, by the way.

He's pretty tough on the way a lot of his recent fights have gone, but when I watch a few Youtube tributes and highlight reels of the dude, I can't see why he'd be criticizing himself.

I mean, sure, he's getting paid to knock people out or make them tap as opposed to grinding out decisions, but from what I've seen, he's at least making an attempt to finish even when he knows he's won the fight (take note, Maiquel Falcao).

He could very well be "that guy" -- the guy that you'd compare somewhat to Chris Lytle. simply on the basis of them both being guys who are exciting to watch, even if the fight goes all three rounds.

Against "Christmas" Jacob Volkmann, McKee will have to deal with a guy that's as tough on the ground as he is, although that excitement aura of McKee could show if McKee stays on top of Volkmann after taking him down.

Volkmann hasn't been seen by MMA fans since losing to Martin Kampmann at UFC 108, where he lost due to submission.

Will things be different this time around, now that Volkmann is on a two fight winning streak?

That all depends on if he can knock McKee out or make him tap.

I say it's McKee that makes Volkmann squeal and leaves a lasting impression, but you never know with Volkmann.

Perhaps Christmas comes in and makes this a pretty bad winter holiday for Antonio McKee by spoiling his debut.