Plain and simple, Struve is legitimizing himself with every win and proving that losses to Junior Dos Santos and Roy Nelson have done little to nothing in the way of hindering his hopes of one day being a UFC Heavyweight Title contender.

Dana White is probably considering Struve to be in the mix right now, and I can see no reason to disagree.

This win is the first step towards not only Struve proving himself to be a contender, but McCorkle can take this loss as a learning experience to help him come back better and badder in his next fight.

Struve will need a good test to see if he might have what it takes to hang and bang with the likes of Frank Mir, Shane Carwin, former champ Brock Lesnar, and of course the champ as well as Junior Dos Santos.

I would like to see Struve prove his worth against someone who is coming off of a pretty impressive win before I could say a guy like Mir makes sense for Struve.

Skyscraper should probably hope for a Brendan Schaub , a Jon Madsen, or perhaps even a younger talent like Rob Broughton for an international affair -- it depends on who the UFC deems ready for the Dutch sensation.

As for McCorkle, he deserves no real step down, but he's not at the point where even Cheick Kongo makes sense. At this rate, I wouldn't mind seeing him improve and take on another fellow rising star like Travis Browne... or if the UFC really wants it, Mirko Cro Cop.