Remember how Koscheck anticipated GSP only relying on his Wrestling to win the fight?

Well the fight almost proved Koscheck's prediction to be correct, as GSP got a takedown early in the fight. He clearly has no fear for Koscheck or anything he throws his way.

Koscheck, also an orthodox fighter, is trying to look for an opening to land his big right hand but St-Pierre catches him first. Rogan notices the swelling under Kos's right eye, though you can't really tell how bad it is unless you're Rogan or Mike Goldberg.

With a few seconds left in the first round, Kos looks to land a takedown and he gets the takedown, but Kos can't do anything with it at the horn to end round number one.

De Souza has this 10-9 St-Pierre, as Koscheck landed the takedown, but he couldn't mount a significant offense before round one ended. If you watch the full fight, Koscheck's eye looks like it won't see any of the next four rounds, even if Koscheck somehow does.