Tough to root against a dude who may be fighting for his spot in the organization, but Danzig just rubs me the wrong way. Which is highly relevant, trust me.

As is the fact that Joe Daddy has four sons (that actually might be relevant).


This wasn't simply a case of a guy getting caught, Danzig was cutting Stevenson up during the standing exchanges before landing the final crusher. Joe Daddy landed a few shots, but nothing of real consequence whereas Mac looked like a different fighter.

His striking was crisp and varied with a smattering of leg kicks to complement his hands. Granted, it was all moot once the counter left hook plunged his opponent face first into the canvas and darkness beyond it.

Well, that makes two predictions gone horribly and perfectly awry. Very impressive from the winner.

Mac Danzig defeats Joe Stevenson by KO at 1:54 of the first round.