Gerald "Hurricane" Harris (17-3) was released from the Ultimate Fighting Championships shortly after a disappointing loss to UFC newcomer Maiquel Falcao.

MMA fans and pundits have gotten frustrated and even puzzled at the UFC for getting rid of Harris after only one loss in the promotion. Many feel that despite the loss Harris should've been kept in the organization because he had three straight knockouts in a row in the UFC, and two fights earned him "knock out of the night" honors.

"After my last fight I talked to one of my good friends, Alex Freed, he's a former NCAA champion from Oklahoma State, and he just explained to me 'you got to perform', and that's when I finally talked to Junkie and did that article," Harris told TapouT Radio.

Harris unfortunately didn't perform to the best of his abilities at UFC 123, and Falcao won a very convincing decision in a lackluster fight. It seems that despite the hardship, Harris understands perfectly why he was cut for that loss, and acknowledges that he's got to do better as a fighter.

"When you're set on a stage it doesn't matter if you're on the small or the big stage you have to perform. You have got to zone out and you have to go out there and give it everything that you got. Yeah it's easier said than done and I probably sound like a football movie, but that's the truth. You're put out there to perform and that's one thing I lost track of."

Oddly enough it hasn't been the octagon jitters that have gotten the best of Harris. Harris outside of fighting MMA has dabbled into the world of stand-up comedy and says how performing has been more nerve racking than getting pre-fight jitters.

"I can tell you right now standing on a stage, standing by yourself in front of 100 or 1,000 people that's the scariest thing I've ever done. When I do my comedy shows I'm locked into the stage for a time limit, there's no tell a bad joke you get booed off the stage, there's no tapping out, there's no leaving, you're on that stage. I've done hour shows, ninety-minute shows, ten-minute shows, five-minute shows. I'm on that stage a certain amount of time and I have to bring my A-game the whole time. I've just got to bring that same attitude to my fights."

For fans of Harris don't worry, he plans on continuing his MMA career and will be back fighting in 2011.

"Right now I have a lot of different offers from a lot of different organizations. I want to fight back home, it feels so good to fight at home, and I didn't have the chance to when I was under contract. That's the first thing I want to do and then probably overseas. I do want to fight in my hometown, which is Tulsa, Oklahoma."

If you'd like to hear the entire interview with Gerald Harris listen to TapouT Radio here.