Villains, bad guys, heels, black hats. Regardless of nomenclature, whenever your sport of choice revolves around bodily harm, inevitably a few bad apples will sneak into the barrel. But where would we be without them? They're the fuel in the hype machine, the foil in the grudge match and the grist for endless debate.

They also happen to be, by and large, darn good fighters. You couldn't be a jerk the way these guys are without being able to back up your smack.

With noted UFC heel Josh Koscheck getting plenty of ink in the run-up to this Saturday's rematch with Georges St. Pierre, I thought I'd compile a list of MMA's biggest and best villains. I probably could have taken this into triple digits (just as I could have for the good guys, which are also plentiful), but I'll do everyone a favor and stop at 10.

I've included video where warranted--please enjoy. And if you're surprised by a specific inclusion or omission, put on your black hat and have at me...if you've got the yarbles. Punk.

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